Thursday, October 9, 2008

Home Goods.....Home Great!!!

So I was bored during my lunch break yesterday and I decided that it was finally time that I went into the Home Goods store near my office. I needed a gift and I didn't want to spend a lot. Since I had never been there i didn't really know what to expect......I had no idea how awesome it was and how much I have been missing out! Their kitchen gadget selection was ridiculous, Their holiday decorations were soooo cute, and if i needed new furniture I probably could have taken home at least 3 new pieces. I ended up buying an All-Clad roasting pan, cute dish towels, and a Williams Sonoma "roasting" cookbook (all for $65)!!!! I am thinking that this place will for sure become a regular stop for me. If you haven't been - definitely try it.


Erin and James said...

i know! my mom introduced me to that place and i died and have gone to heaven since finding one near my house a few months ago!

stacyfrancispants said...

I started a blog while working at the Home gallery.... Jessis made me do it...and now i dont remember my sign on and password! If i do... i will start blogging again, i think i only wrote one note... lol... but i love your blog! i literally think you are the funniest person alive. love it!- stacy gf.