Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm Back, with BIG News!!!!

So do you ever have something really really important on your mind or know a super juicy secret that you cant tell anyone about? And then, because you can't tell anybody you avoid pretty much all human contact because if anyone looks at you a certain way or asks a weird question you just know you will totally spill the beans????

Yeah, That's why i have been gone from blogging for so long.

Nothing seemed important enough to write about when I had this BIG GIANT secret brewing inside.

SO anyways- today is the day! i am ready to share with the world the hugely exciting news that has kept me from talking about any little minute details that i usually spill all over on this thing...

Pat and I are HAVING A BABY!!!!!!

I am due on December 18th
which means that i hit 11 weeks this past Thursday.

We got to hear the heartbeat for the first time last week, and it was sooooo cool. Just imagine listening to your washing machine: but this washing machine is twice as fast and the woosh woosh woosh noise is actually a little tiny version of the heart of the baby who will eventually be the toddler , who will eventually be the kid, who will eventually be the teenager, who will eventually be the adult that you are currently growing inside of you! It definitely made everything seem so much more real for us.

As if the heartbeat wasn't enough of a reality check the overall daily feeling of barfiness, matched with the multiple middle-of-the-night bathroom trips and the new and improved 9pm bedtime has really helped me to realize that times have definitely (already)changed......BIG TIME.

Pat and I are going to be parents. We will be in charge of a life.

I can't help but wonder if this means that come December i will spontaneously stop crying like a little kid when i get upset? Will i naturally want to turn my music down and maybe not listen to Britney Spears with the same enthusiasm as before? Will I stop saying bad words ?
Moms don't do any of that stuff .....but i do. This is going to take some practice beforehand.

What i do know is that :
I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! and FYI (in case you now suddenly have questions):

I do not have a preference for a boy or a girl...I will be equally excited for either one.

I can't think of any cooler Christmas present in the entire world than a new baby.

I can't wait to see Pat as a Dad

I can't imagine our little kid as anything but blond hair with green eyes and long legs. Pat and I looked like brother and sister when we were little sooooo, maybe i need a lesson in dominant and recessive genes, but it seems kind of likely that our kids will have the same little combo.

i have only bought a few things - but oddly they are all kind of boyish.

I am kinda sorta starting to show - but really i just look kinda puffy and fat.

i have no idea what i will wear to work when I start to get really big. I have a feeling that they do not make maternity pants for gigantically tall moms easy to find.

So anyways - there is my excuse. I plan to come back big time in the next few weeks.
Pat and I are headed to DC this weekend for some fun with friends. I promise to return with pictures and plenty of other updates.