Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I have SOOOO much to say and sooooooo little time. I promise there will be an update tomorrow. Work owns my life right now :(

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'll try to redeem myself....

I have been a little absent from blogging lately. Okay a lot absent, but seriously I have been beyond busy. Lots of work biznassss and not as much fun biznasss.....but i do have the first installment of pictures recording the "fun" i have had as of late. I'll leave the "work" out of it though because - lets be honest - no one cares. There will be some vacation pics coming soon and maybe a few other little diddies if i could ever get my act together and upload the pics from my cameras.

So anyways, without further ado - I give you.....EASTER!!!!
(or should I say The weekend Amory came to visit) :)
Brace yourself for a lot (and I mean a lot of Amory pics). This girl stole the show this Easter. Her little purple Easter dress was to die for! And as if that dress wasn't cute enough on its own you should have seen her dancing to "we got the tweet" (instead of w got the beat) when you would press that button on the little Chicky toy thing next to her.

A little later in the day she changed into Easter outfit #2 which was a more casual option but still adorable nonetheless.
Pat and I had fun pretending that we had a baby. She loves her Uncle Pat!

When we got home from a wonderful Easter dinner at the O'Brien's Kristen and I took to the backyard to enjoy the amazing weather. It was almost 80 degrees, sunny and perfect.
I am so excited to have nice days like this again.

Even the Ice cream truck has returned to the hood. Of course we had to get Amory something.
She picked a rainbow sherbet push pop ( grrrr....for the record, i want to put an "r" in that word so bad...sherbet is annoying - sherbeRt - not so much) Umm regardless, it was a good choice!

post ice cream... Amory felt like modeling.
She gave us all kinds of cute little smiles....
and then we took her up for a bath in her adorable little tub that Amanda let us borrow and judging from the smile on her face, i think she was remembering her Saturday night rendezvous with the cute/slightly older man - Bo

I WISH i had a video of this.... cutest thing ever. I think they really liked each other. Amory could not stop giggling when Bo would look at her.
He even gave her a nice little kiss to seal the deal :)
This was such a fun weekend. I have a ton more pictures that include all of our friends that we had over, but i just haven't uploaded my picture yet. These were all of Kristen (my sister)'s pictures. So stay tuned for mine. It might happen. Maybe.
Hope you all had a fantastic Easter.
I know we did.
The best one in a long time :)