Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ashlyn's Baptism Weekend

Life has been so busy lately! the last 3 weekends have been big family events...My brother in-law's high school graduation, my other brother-in-laws wedding reception, and most recently ashlyn's baptism and fathers day. All of the family time has been awesome but i am exhausted.
we had a really nice ceremony at pat's high school. Our regular priest was out of town for like 100 weeks this summer so we opted for a small family mass. Kristen and Jim were the god parents.
Ashlyn wore a baptism dress that my moms grandma made. It was so pretty and very cool that my mom, both my sisters, me and little cousin Amory wore it before her.
Obviously Ashlyn hates being the center of attention.

and one last pic of the 2 of us in church.

BOring post - sorry. i'll come up with something better soon (which probably means in the next 3 weeks).

Thursday, June 9, 2011

my ass is back!

okay - i guess all of me is back...not just my toosh but whatevs.
This mom business is time consuming! i've got it down, but now that i am working from home more hours than before the blog has been suffering. It has been way easier to choose cuddle time over recipe updates :)

so anyways, what have i been up to??

Like i mentioned above, i am working from home. I honestly couldn't have a better situation and i'm really thankful for it. I basically set my own schedule and work as many hours as i can doing account work for the clients i had before i left on maternity leave. Most of my work is done over email so it doesn't matter if i happen to have a screaming/teething psycho on my lap. And when a little more face time is required, i am actually able to bring Ash into my office and set her up in her stroller while i have internal meetings. Lots of people volunteer to walk her around the office or hold her...or listen to the wiggles on itunes in their office....She has sort of become the office mascot - its awesome
My co-workers/bosses deserve medals. I want to write into the paper and tell them how fabulously mom friendly they have been. and let me tell you - It makes me want to work so much harder to keep my position and to keep my clients happy knowing how flexible they have been to accomodate my new "situation". I wish more workplaces would do this for people. mom's are pretty freaking amazing multi taskers when given the opportunity.

ummm in other news we have been traveling a ton! By the end of July Ashlyn will have visited 11 states total (maybe 12?) which is not too shabby considering she is less than 6 months old. we have been to Florida, California, Arizona, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin so far...and by the end of next month we will have logged trips to DC, North Carolina, South Carolina, maybe Georgia. Thankfully she is a really good traveller. She has a knack for sensing when there is an hour left though and then going completely ape shit.

This weekend, Pats brother and my new Sister-In-Law are having their wedding reception. The little boogers ran away to aruba and had a romantic little wedding ( w/ just the 2 of them) a few weeks ago. Now we are joining in for a friends and fam reception and i cant wait. I got the CUTEST dress ever. Its BCBG....and let me tell you. They are my go-to these days (and always). It is pretty hard to feel hot these days, but their drapey sexy mama dresses do the trick. I don't have any more "baby weight" to lose (which doesnt mean i don't have weight to just means that i am down 49 pounds from my fat ass pregnant self) but i just cant pull off a lot of what worked before. i'll post some pics from the weekend next week :)

so - i guess i' am back. i havent looked at any blogs recently so im looking forward to catching up with all of you soon!