Monday, October 24, 2011

Cutest pumpkins in the patch...

It is a dreary Monday morning in Akron - which means one thing - It is definitely time to start thinking about next weekend! ....And with next weekend being Halloween, it makes sense that you would take a few extra days to prepare.

I bought my pumpkins a while ago, but i waited until this week to do the carving so they would look their best for the actual holiday. Anyways, I started searching online for ideas this morning and I found some awesome pumpkin carving templates from They have easy ones and more advanced for the artistes out there, but they are really cute so definitely check them out.

I will post some pics when my pumpkins are done. If all goes well, my doorstep will have a mummy, an owl, a frankenstein, and maybe some bats!! Inside my door, you will probably find me mowing down the baked pumpkin seeds i plan on making after all of the carving is complete :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

its nice to "get ready"

last night i took a picture of myself.
Because i did my hair
and because i did my makeup
and because i went out on the town
(with my little doll baby and husband).
And it felt good not to be a shlep staying home.
Never mind that we got home at 8:15 from a fancy dinner with friends
We had so much fun
...and it had to be documented :)

and for the record....we had 2 kids under 2
(and one little baby that is 3 weeks away from being born)
behaving like little angels for over 2 hours.

what a lovely friday night :)