Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lots of work and weekend play makes katie a busy lay-day!

This has been happening way too often lately. The verdict is out as to whether I just suck at time management or if I honestly just have way too much work to get done in a normal 9 hour work day....but regardless of the reason, it is never cool to walk outside and be the only car in the whole freaking parking lot.

So after I took the picture of my car... I dramatically plopped into my front seat and snapped this lovely picture of myself.

All of this is being posted as proof that I really have been super busy and I do not hate my friends. I feel like i have pretty much neglected all people in my life because when I get home - the last thing I want to do is look at a phone or computer. I only have time for pajamas, and tv.

Hopefully all of this will let up and i can bring myself to post some pictures of the fabulous wedding I attended last weekend in DC and also the Florida trip I have been casually mentioning for the last 2 weeks.

more coming soon- promise!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

i'm back dununh nuh nuh nuh nuh....

In typical Katie fashion I have returned from vacation minus a few things that I brought along with me. Most notably, my camera. Darn. (good thing i have a nice mom who expects me to leave things and is willing to send it to me in the mail). So for now there are not pictures to illustrate the wonderful time Pat and I had visiting my mom, dad, grandma, two uncle's, an uncle girlfriend, and my cousins. The weather could not have been any better- mid 80's and sunny, sunny, sunny. My tan is actually 30% earned from real sun at this point!....but more about that later.

Instead, You get this random thought.....Last night I was driving home from the in-law's house for dinner listening to T.I. and thinking about our new house. I randomly had this 'great' idea that will never get executed but i still have to share. You know how some people like paint little sayings on their walls (especially in kitchens)??? Well I am not typically a fan, but how funny (slash tacky) would it be if instead of painting some cheesy "bon appetit" I picked out little sayings from rap songs and used super fancy text. Like "Stacks on deck, Patrone on ice, And we can pop bottles all night, Baby you could have whatever you like" -T.I. or "my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard" - Kelis or "She cook, she clean, neva smell like onion rings"-Webbie orrrrr even better "I like fish and chips and all that pimp sh*t, lemmie hear everybody say oh -yayer!" - Outkast.
Pat thought it was a stupid idea.

Mary helped me come up with this wonderful list.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

T-T-T-Tierre Verde

I have a serious case of vacationitis today...I am heading to Florida tommorrow and my work is suffering because of it. All of my thoughts are focused on what bathing suit I am going to wear first, what dress I will pack for Easter, and whether or not I want to go kayaking, golfing, or just lay out on the beach this Saturday!! These are all tough decisions that i haven't been faced with for quite some time, but I think i can handle it.
I am most excited though because this vacation has required much preparation, and going to Florida marks the end of some very extreme and painful behavior. Because of the anxiety I have about putting a bathing suit on for the first time after the looooong winter of sweat pants and coats - I have been starving for about a month now...not eating after 8, having dinners that consist of popcorn dipped in hot sauce or balsamic vinegar, going to spinning multiple times a week, giving up beer (except for 2 occasions), going tanning,etc. etc etc. (you get the picture). Well anyways last night I was getting ready for bed and Pat told me "you look like an anorexic brown bear" .....yep thats what he said. Some of you might think that that wasn't very nice, but NOT ME. I loved it! To me, his comment was like = Mission accomplished :) . I know he only said it because he knows that that was what i wanted to hear, but i haven't been tan nor even close to skinny since I left for college in 2001. So it was awesome.
The funny part is - even though I am all excited to have shed a few pounds and regain some pigment in my skin - I may actually be more excited to stop the behavior that lead to the healthy Katie and go all out for a weekend of cheating (on my diet that is).
This anorexic brown bear cannot wait to enjoy some rum runners on an outdoor deck with lots of people that probably look waayyyy better in their bikini than I do. And I am more excited becasue I worked hard and actually stuck to a vacation diet for the first time in my entire life!

Yay Me!
SIDE NOTE: After re-reading this post Irealize how obnoxious and vain this all probably read it in a fun happy voice where you can tell that i am joking around. okay?and P.S. I honestly haven't lost that much weight (the anorexia was a way overstatement and i didn't mean to make a joke out of a serious issue) but I do think i know enough about being a girl to know that someone out there might find this "funny" and "oddly familiar"

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

One day....

Months and months ago, my parents friends offered to take all of the girls that were in town for my sister's bachelorette party out on their fabulous boat "The Phantom" and we had the best time ever! They served signature cocktails, cruised around the bay, ate tons of hors d'evours, ended up in the Gulf for a perfectly timed sunset, and listened to lots of good boat music (beach boys, bob marley, and of course - when we left the dock -the theme song to Phantom of the Opera) ha ha. Anyways, these friends, Ken and Corrine, take off for a couple of months (i think every year) and boat all over the Bahamas and tons of places I have never heard of before. Corrine send these awesome daily emails that totally make you want to quit your job and become a pirate ( the nice kind of pirate though). She talks about the beaches they go to, the dinners they make on board, the friends they meet, and all of the fish, sharks, and stingrays that they see along the way. Her trip log is soooo fun to read - and the pictures are amazing. I couldn't load all of them but here are a few highlights from their trip so far...... I hope that i am this cool one day - What a life!

Okay these are real sharks...not sure i would ever get in the water again - but seriously how amazing to see them up close like that in the wild!

The caption on this picture was "took a swim"...I wish :(

Just a gorgeous dock picture

More Scary sharks right off the side of their boat
Beautiful sunset.....
And a picture of the water at night...they have these cool blue lights that light up the water 100 feet in front and around their boat. Can you imagine seeing all of these fish?
I wish i had more pictures available to show you....maybe i will post some after the next few emails. But for now - just be inspired. One day when we are all done working let's hope that we can be so lucky to have the free time and ability to just explore and enjoy yourself without worries for months on end.

Spring Coma

I spent the whole weekend loving Spring. Even though it was still in the 50's it was sunny and beautiful. Somehow, the sun disappeared today and I now feel like I went into a coma only to awake shockingly in the middle of winter again. I had to put on my ugg boots this morning (with dress pants - very fancy), I placed my springy shoes in my purse and headed out to my car where I scraped about 5 inches of snow and ice away from the top and windows. I felt so defeated and sad when I had to retrieve my snow scraper that had been prematurely retired to my trunk. Luckily the ugly industrial looking floor mats that have been protecting my car interior all winter were still in place and today - very necessary.

How does an entire season just disappear in one day? I am so confused.

On the positive side of this morning - I did manage to fit into a new pair of pants that were too small until today! ...this was no small accomplishment. I have been going to spinning and doing lots of yoga and pilates and I am finally starting to see some results. The few sunny days that we had were my motivation. After a long winter of hibernating I had packed on the lbs.....and even though it looks like winter today - I (sort of) look like the beginning of summer in my new skinny that is making me very happy.

Snow or not - I guess today is a good day afterall.....and even if it keeps snowing all week, I am comforted knowing that my little toosh will be escaping it to spend the weekend with my fam in Florida for Easter - where the weather is egg-hunt appropriate :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

In other annoying news....

Does anyone else watch "the Naked Chef" on Food Network? Oh you dont? Well neither do I....anymore. This guy (pictured above) just had a baby. And he named her Petal Blossom Rainbow Oliver. Seriously. I mean???? Clearly you are allowed to name your child anything you want but when it is something as dumb as Petal Blossom Rainbow I am not obligated to give you the time of day or think of you in any way other than "you are an idiot."

P.S. I think I found a lizard once on a playground in the second grade that I named Petal Blossom Rainbow....or was it Unicorn Cheese Sparkle????? Crap. I can't remember!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Dear CNN,
Michelle Obama did not invent the idea of wearing simple clothes that can be bought in a mall. There is nothing iconic about this outfit. I am wearing a cardigan and pencil skirt today and unlike Michelle Obama no one has told me that i resemble (the legit) fashionista Jackie O . I mean give me a break. 75% of women have this same outfit on at work right this very second and (understandably) none of them are making front page news. Stop wasting my time with your ridiculous stories.
Katie O.