Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Coma

I spent the whole weekend loving Spring. Even though it was still in the 50's it was sunny and beautiful. Somehow, the sun disappeared today and I now feel like I went into a coma only to awake shockingly in the middle of winter again. I had to put on my ugg boots this morning (with dress pants - very fancy), I placed my springy shoes in my purse and headed out to my car where I scraped about 5 inches of snow and ice away from the top and windows. I felt so defeated and sad when I had to retrieve my snow scraper that had been prematurely retired to my trunk. Luckily the ugly industrial looking floor mats that have been protecting my car interior all winter were still in place and today - very necessary.

How does an entire season just disappear in one day? I am so confused.

On the positive side of this morning - I did manage to fit into a new pair of pants that were too small until today! ...this was no small accomplishment. I have been going to spinning and doing lots of yoga and pilates and I am finally starting to see some results. The few sunny days that we had were my motivation. After a long winter of hibernating I had packed on the lbs.....and even though it looks like winter today - I (sort of) look like the beginning of summer in my new skinny pants...so that is making me very happy.

Snow or not - I guess today is a good day afterall.....and even if it keeps snowing all week, I am comforted knowing that my little toosh will be escaping it to spend the weekend with my fam in Florida for Easter - where the weather is egg-hunt appropriate :)

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