Tuesday, April 14, 2009

i'm back dununh nuh nuh nuh nuh....

In typical Katie fashion I have returned from vacation minus a few things that I brought along with me. Most notably, my camera. Darn. (good thing i have a nice mom who expects me to leave things and is willing to send it to me in the mail). So for now there are not pictures to illustrate the wonderful time Pat and I had visiting my mom, dad, grandma, two uncle's, an uncle girlfriend, and my cousins. The weather could not have been any better- mid 80's and sunny, sunny, sunny. My tan is actually 30% earned from real sun at this point!....but more about that later.

Instead, You get this random thought.....Last night I was driving home from the in-law's house for dinner listening to T.I. and thinking about our new house. I randomly had this 'great' idea that will never get executed but i still have to share. You know how some people like paint little sayings on their walls (especially in kitchens)??? Well I am not typically a fan, but how funny (slash tacky) would it be if instead of painting some cheesy "bon appetit" I picked out little sayings from rap songs and used super fancy text. Like "Stacks on deck, Patrone on ice, And we can pop bottles all night, Baby you could have whatever you like" -T.I. or "my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard" - Kelis or "She cook, she clean, neva smell like onion rings"-Webbie orrrrr even better "I like fish and chips and all that pimp sh*t, lemmie hear everybody say oh -yayer!" - Outkast.
Pat thought it was a stupid idea.

Mary helped me come up with this wonderful list.


Mary said...

LOL. I would. I just would.

Cristina said...

I am dying! That is hilarious!!! Rick and I use the lyrics from the T.I. song in everyday life like it's no big deal. The other night we were at dinner and while I was trying to figure out what to get he said, "You can have whatever you like." all sing-songy. The waiter thought it was great. 2 white kids in Tustin.

I really think you should do it!

Katie said...

Better yet, manufacture them like these -- and sell them so OTHER people can have them.


I think you're totally on to something here. Pat won't think it's a dumb idea when you're "making it rain!"

Katie OB said...

ha ha - My favorite T.I. lyrics that i make Pat say all the time:
" My chick can have what she whon"

whon = want - but it is way better how T.I. says it :)

Maybe i will do this.