Tuesday, April 7, 2009

One day....

Months and months ago, my parents friends offered to take all of the girls that were in town for my sister's bachelorette party out on their fabulous boat "The Phantom" and we had the best time ever! They served signature cocktails, cruised around the bay, ate tons of hors d'evours, ended up in the Gulf for a perfectly timed sunset, and listened to lots of good boat music (beach boys, bob marley, and of course - when we left the dock -the theme song to Phantom of the Opera) ha ha. Anyways, these friends, Ken and Corrine, take off for a couple of months (i think every year) and boat all over the Bahamas and tons of places I have never heard of before. Corrine send these awesome daily emails that totally make you want to quit your job and become a pirate ( the nice kind of pirate though). She talks about the beaches they go to, the dinners they make on board, the friends they meet, and all of the fish, sharks, and stingrays that they see along the way. Her trip log is soooo fun to read - and the pictures are amazing. I couldn't load all of them but here are a few highlights from their trip so far...... I hope that i am this cool one day - What a life!

Okay these are real sharks...not sure i would ever get in the water again - but seriously how amazing to see them up close like that in the wild!

The caption on this picture was "took a swim"...I wish :(

Just a gorgeous dock picture

More Scary sharks right off the side of their boat
Beautiful sunset.....
And a picture of the water at night...they have these cool blue lights that light up the water 100 feet in front and around their boat. Can you imagine seeing all of these fish?
I wish i had more pictures available to show you....maybe i will post some after the next few emails. But for now - just be inspired. One day when we are all done working let's hope that we can be so lucky to have the free time and ability to just explore and enjoy yourself without worries for months on end.

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Katie said...

Have a great time in FLA, Kate - I am so jealous of your sunshine exposure that I'm going to buy a tanning package tonight. It needs to be done. . . Travel safe! Watch for baby sharks!! haha!