Wednesday, June 23, 2010

kinda love this.....

I have this big fancy laundry room that has big boring blank walls.....and this freakin awesome badass wall organization system is pretty much exactly what it needs. Well, really it needs some anthropologie cool/eclectic drawer pulls and cabinet knobs too, but this alone would be such a huge change.

The problem is, once you price out all the pieces and parts needed to make this a reality - this little multi-piece unit ends up being about $500 dollars!.....for calendars and cork boards?

I dunno, if i am going to splurge any time soon I was thinking more like - fancy stroller or baby bedding that happens to have a higher thread count than my own???

I don't know, what do you think? Anyone know of a Target version or something else that is cheaper and just as cute? it is the white framing that i really love - it matches my cabinets.

Monday, June 14, 2010

mush brain

Remember how when you got engaged, all you did at work was stare at your ring, look at, research centerpiece ideas and email your vendors?
(oh you did that at home? too)
Well apparently it is pretty much the same when you have a baby.

I have a very busy day today. Like seriously i have tons of stuff to get done...

But "somehow" I still managed to sneak in a few moments to create a paper clip chain that will inevitably/without a doubt determine the gender of my little growing baby.
According to the old wives tale- if it swings back and forth over my stomach, I am having a boy. If it swings in a circle, I am having a girl.

It sounded like way too much fun to pass up.

So just in case you are curious, I am having a girl (according to the paper clips)
....and my desk is having a boy.

Friday, June 11, 2010

6 reasons i wont be taking maternity pictures....

Let me start off by saying i do not mean to be judgemental at all - i know that plenty of extremely normal people take maternity photos and they turn out just lovely....and I can see why you would want to document such an awesome unique time - but - big BUT - Why are sooo many maternity shots so freeking ridiculously creepy???????
Someone told me to go to this site and check out the painful awkwardness:
Here are some highlights so that i don't have to deal with the aftermath of seeing this stuff all on my own. You are welcome.
oh my god.
what the hell is the feather for?
no comment.
okay wait. I do have one. Please stop having children after this one.
just imagine how mucky and gross that swamp feels under your toes? Are you trying to be a mermaid? Fail.

I am lost. A gun, a watermelon, and a fetus. No clue.
And then....this one (above). Talk about scarring your children for life.
Dear Mom who is clearly overly involved in your childrens hockey hobby,
Please put a a shirt on.....and never ever pose for another picture again.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Our baby is a lime

As of yesterday, I hit 12 weeks and apparently 12 weeks means that your little baby is also about the size of a lime. But don't let that tiny size fool you - pretty much everything is in place already. It really is just a very miniature baby at this point (with one huge head).....pretty cute though right?

I took a picture of my "bump" last week and sent it to my mom and sisters and a few others. I added the caption "baby bump?....or too much pizza?" trying to be funny, but guess what? i really did have too much pizza and the bump has kind of flattened out this week. Bummer.I know it will come back with a vengeance, but I want it to happen soon. I am really really looking forward to its return and that fun stage of pregnancy where people can tell, and you look super cute in everything. Also, I think i just want some kind of obvious daily confirmation that i am actually pregnant. I mean clearly the heartbeat and the multiple positive tests and all the other stuff would indicate that yes we are having a baby...but i don't know - it is just scary. The big belly and then finding out if it is a boy or a girl are such huge milestones that will make it much more final and real in my book.

Can i also just say that prenatal vitamins are the devil. I hate them and i am fairly certain that at this point, they are the 100% source of any sickness i am having in this 12th week of pregnancy. I forgot to take them last night before bed so after i got ready this morning i walked downstairs, got a bottle of water, swallowed the two pills, picked up my keys, drove 2 blocks and the gagging started (seriously only 2 blocks later). They make your stomach burn and your throat close almost immediately. It is like an instant hangover. If you ever decide that you really hate someone.....crush up some prenatal vitamins in their morning eggs and see how they feel 2 minutes later. Uggggg i HATE THEM.....and the only relief is to eat like a mo fo - which really isn't super appetizing when you feel that bad. I am constantly eating and then like sticking my tongue out with food on it like all i want to do is spit it out but then i change my mind at the last second because i know my little lime probably likes the fruit and bagel breakfast i am serving much more than the straight vitamin the tongue goes back in and i just make really ugly faces (all day) until i feel better.
Fun times!
So anyways - quick question if you are interested.....if you have had a baby, when did you start to show? I look at all these pictures that the crazies on babycenter have posted and I am 99% certain that 99% of them have convinced themselves that whatever jumble they had going on pre pregnancy has now morphed into a they take all these pictures of their "jumble" and act like - Ohhhhh you aren't showing yet? wierd, i am! But i am not buying it. If your stomach is that huge and the baby is lime sized....something else is going on. Everyone is different but ummmmmmm I dunno those message boards are pretty scary to browse through some time.
Oh and one last thought. 2 things that freak me out about babies as of today:
#1...i never thought i would say this but- The Epidural. I know, weird right? But freaking Teresa Guidice on Real Housewives of New Jersey ruined it for me. For some reason, i guess i had never seen the actual needle go into someones back. I always see that from the front side on Baby story or discovery health or whatever other baby show i am into at the time. I always assumed that getting an epidural was like getting blood drawn where the needle just slides under the skin into a vain or a nerve or whatever like just under the surface.....But when Teresa got hers it was like a direct hit straight into the spine. I wish i didn't know that. I almost cried when i saw it.
and #2. post birth belly button hell.
I almost barf when i see the remnants of the umbilical cord on a babies tummy. Am i the worst? I think babies are absolutely perfect and amazing no matter what but for some reason that one little part totally freaks me out. I hope Pat or my mom or my mother-in-law happens to be the one changing the diaper when it finally falls off....and hopefully that will be the case because if i just find it randomly chilling somewhere in the house - I will DIE.
That's all for now. More to come later. I have some non-pregnancy related posts and pics that i need to get up as soon as i can get to it.
Hope you all have a fabulous Friday and an even better weekend!

Thursday, June 3, 2010 what else has been new?

You are probably wondering why on earth i have this movie poster on this blog. Ummmm because it happened to me! I seriously had the worlds most awkward meeting of all time last week - and unfortunately my meeting immediately made me think of this movie. I got Basic Instinct-ed. Serrrrriously. And my boss was there to enjoy the horrible awkwardness as well.
Let me back up and tell you - I can't obvi give away what company it was or anything - but the meeting was weird from the start. My boss and i walked into this woman's office which was a horrible mess only to realize that we would both have to sit and present on this little tiny weird couch. So we pretty much had to sit shoulder to shoulder while this weirdo was uncomfortably close sitting at her desk. She was wearing a lace blouse (circa little house on the prairie) with a lacy collar and pearl buttons buttoned all the way up to her neck. On the bottom she was wearing a khaki knee length skirt.
I didn't think it could get worse than that combo but then she took her seat. But not like a lady. She sat like a full on freaking linebacker flashing ALL of her business to the boss and I.
Holy Shit.
Do you have any idea how hard it is to maintain eye contact and make a decent presentation when some trashball weird cat lady is flashing you?
It lasted a good 45 minutes. Afterwards we both walked in silence to the car.
What the heck just happened?
I had to apologize to my boss because i really was weirdly silent and i just kept crossing my own legs over and over to try to send her the ESP message that she needed to cover up....and learn some proper etiquette for god sakes.
In my book, there is nothing worse. I will never take this lady seriously.
I mean, it was hilarious....but good God. Tell a joke next time if you want to be funny. And please please cover up.
I have never hoped that we didn't get a new account more in my life!

...more big news in the OB family

So this really is going to be a huge year. My brother-in-law...and now official Sister-in-law got engaged this week!!!!
Congrats to Clint and Tara. I always new it was going to happen :)
Fun Facts: Tara and I have the same birthday. We both have 2 sisters and a brother. She is a hot doctor. We are both going to be married to O'Briens.
Obvi this girl is a catch.
Nice work clinnnnnton.