Thursday, June 3, 2010 what else has been new?

You are probably wondering why on earth i have this movie poster on this blog. Ummmm because it happened to me! I seriously had the worlds most awkward meeting of all time last week - and unfortunately my meeting immediately made me think of this movie. I got Basic Instinct-ed. Serrrrriously. And my boss was there to enjoy the horrible awkwardness as well.
Let me back up and tell you - I can't obvi give away what company it was or anything - but the meeting was weird from the start. My boss and i walked into this woman's office which was a horrible mess only to realize that we would both have to sit and present on this little tiny weird couch. So we pretty much had to sit shoulder to shoulder while this weirdo was uncomfortably close sitting at her desk. She was wearing a lace blouse (circa little house on the prairie) with a lacy collar and pearl buttons buttoned all the way up to her neck. On the bottom she was wearing a khaki knee length skirt.
I didn't think it could get worse than that combo but then she took her seat. But not like a lady. She sat like a full on freaking linebacker flashing ALL of her business to the boss and I.
Holy Shit.
Do you have any idea how hard it is to maintain eye contact and make a decent presentation when some trashball weird cat lady is flashing you?
It lasted a good 45 minutes. Afterwards we both walked in silence to the car.
What the heck just happened?
I had to apologize to my boss because i really was weirdly silent and i just kept crossing my own legs over and over to try to send her the ESP message that she needed to cover up....and learn some proper etiquette for god sakes.
In my book, there is nothing worse. I will never take this lady seriously.
I mean, it was hilarious....but good God. Tell a joke next time if you want to be funny. And please please cover up.
I have never hoped that we didn't get a new account more in my life!