Friday, June 4, 2010

Our baby is a lime

As of yesterday, I hit 12 weeks and apparently 12 weeks means that your little baby is also about the size of a lime. But don't let that tiny size fool you - pretty much everything is in place already. It really is just a very miniature baby at this point (with one huge head).....pretty cute though right?

I took a picture of my "bump" last week and sent it to my mom and sisters and a few others. I added the caption "baby bump?....or too much pizza?" trying to be funny, but guess what? i really did have too much pizza and the bump has kind of flattened out this week. Bummer.I know it will come back with a vengeance, but I want it to happen soon. I am really really looking forward to its return and that fun stage of pregnancy where people can tell, and you look super cute in everything. Also, I think i just want some kind of obvious daily confirmation that i am actually pregnant. I mean clearly the heartbeat and the multiple positive tests and all the other stuff would indicate that yes we are having a baby...but i don't know - it is just scary. The big belly and then finding out if it is a boy or a girl are such huge milestones that will make it much more final and real in my book.

Can i also just say that prenatal vitamins are the devil. I hate them and i am fairly certain that at this point, they are the 100% source of any sickness i am having in this 12th week of pregnancy. I forgot to take them last night before bed so after i got ready this morning i walked downstairs, got a bottle of water, swallowed the two pills, picked up my keys, drove 2 blocks and the gagging started (seriously only 2 blocks later). They make your stomach burn and your throat close almost immediately. It is like an instant hangover. If you ever decide that you really hate someone.....crush up some prenatal vitamins in their morning eggs and see how they feel 2 minutes later. Uggggg i HATE THEM.....and the only relief is to eat like a mo fo - which really isn't super appetizing when you feel that bad. I am constantly eating and then like sticking my tongue out with food on it like all i want to do is spit it out but then i change my mind at the last second because i know my little lime probably likes the fruit and bagel breakfast i am serving much more than the straight vitamin the tongue goes back in and i just make really ugly faces (all day) until i feel better.
Fun times!
So anyways - quick question if you are interested.....if you have had a baby, when did you start to show? I look at all these pictures that the crazies on babycenter have posted and I am 99% certain that 99% of them have convinced themselves that whatever jumble they had going on pre pregnancy has now morphed into a they take all these pictures of their "jumble" and act like - Ohhhhh you aren't showing yet? wierd, i am! But i am not buying it. If your stomach is that huge and the baby is lime sized....something else is going on. Everyone is different but ummmmmmm I dunno those message boards are pretty scary to browse through some time.
Oh and one last thought. 2 things that freak me out about babies as of today:
#1...i never thought i would say this but- The Epidural. I know, weird right? But freaking Teresa Guidice on Real Housewives of New Jersey ruined it for me. For some reason, i guess i had never seen the actual needle go into someones back. I always see that from the front side on Baby story or discovery health or whatever other baby show i am into at the time. I always assumed that getting an epidural was like getting blood drawn where the needle just slides under the skin into a vain or a nerve or whatever like just under the surface.....But when Teresa got hers it was like a direct hit straight into the spine. I wish i didn't know that. I almost cried when i saw it.
and #2. post birth belly button hell.
I almost barf when i see the remnants of the umbilical cord on a babies tummy. Am i the worst? I think babies are absolutely perfect and amazing no matter what but for some reason that one little part totally freaks me out. I hope Pat or my mom or my mother-in-law happens to be the one changing the diaper when it finally falls off....and hopefully that will be the case because if i just find it randomly chilling somewhere in the house - I will DIE.
That's all for now. More to come later. I have some non-pregnancy related posts and pics that i need to get up as soon as i can get to it.
Hope you all have a fabulous Friday and an even better weekend!


Heather said...

My midwife said that some prenatals can make you more sick, maybe try a different brand?

I just popped this week (16w) you will wake up one day and have belly, its crazy!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

Um, Teresa scared me too! I knew it went into the spine, but I didnt know it hurt that much!
And for prenatals, I cant take vitamins at all because my stomach gets upset. When My gyno told me to take folic acid and prentals (when I told her we were trying) she said that Flinstone vitamins are just as effective- and they dont make you sick at all. I looked this up on line and talked to other friends who have babies and they said their dr's told them the same thing. The flinstones have NEVER upset my tum tum. I compared the labels and there is not a lot of difference.

DK said...

just a few things...
1- i LOVE that you're pregnant
2- your pregnancy stories/comments are hilarious
3- i'm glad that being pregnant has motivated you to blog more. it makes my day at work much more enjoyable when i mosey over to and i see a new post!
4- your blonde hair is such a good blonde color.
5- my friend's sister's daughter's middle name is seriously Lemon.... they decided that when their baby was the size of a lemon

that's all for now.

Emily Heizer Photography said...

Hey Kate, Here you go. This woman's blog has a running slideshow of her tummy every week from VERY early on in her pregnancy- she started photographing herself at 7 weeks--and she was very thin and fit to start, so it should give you a very good idea for yourself!

Heres the link:

Look on the left hand side of the screen, scroll down just a little, it's a running slideshow in a widget.

Emily Heizer Photography said...

Did you ever see that episode of Sex and the City where Miranda's baby Brady's belly button falls off and the cat steals it and starts playing with it? Steve comes over to save her and she's screaming and crying and pointing at the cat and the dried up umbilical cord saying, "IT'S GROSS! STEVE, IT"S GROSS!!!" lmao That may be you one day! lol

I found the truth out about epidurals a long time ago- it ISNT like a regular shot or something they can put into your IV drip... An epidural is an OPEN LINE of medication that goes straight into your spine- between two particular vertebre- it's a serious, albeit common, procedure. They do usually numb the area before they get started, but it is an open line of drugs. I always thought I'd be all over the drugs, but more recently (from watching those darned TLC shows) I've gotten more interested in natural births, unassisted births and midwife assisted births. A GREAT movie about having babies is "The Business of Being Born." It was produced by Ricki Lake, believe it or not. Mostly it's about demonizing hospital births- LOL- it's very one sided and conspiracy theory oriented, BUT it is still fun to watch and shows you an actual birth, like close up. (You might want to cover Pat's eyes so it doesn't scar him for life ;) )

Here's a link to a free (probably bootlegged...) copy of the movie:

Emily Heizer Photography said...

OK, I'm like, straight up spamming your comments now, but I just looked again and those belly pictures actually start at FIVE weeks. So there you go- dream come true!

If you're really obsessive, you could start taking measurements of your belly and see if it's growing when you're not looking. lol

Anonymous said...

I love love love all your new posts!!! yay!!!

Isn't it crazy that you have a little lime baby!!! I can't remember when I started showing but I think it was like 4 months...because when I found out it was a boy I had a good size bump.

The vitamins are the worst BUT keep taking them!! Take them at night with dinner..or before you go to bed. (at 8:00!!!) I am taking these gummi pretnals now that I bought at Target and I am fine. (Of course..I'm not preggo) But maybe you should check them out and eat them in the evening.
Miss you!

Cristina said...

My doctor gave me prescription prenatals after my other ones never stayed down. They are amazing! Purple and fruit flavored. I still take them.

I didn't show until I was about 18 weeks. And then, I was in the "is she pregnant or just fat?" stage for what seemed like eternity, but really was about 2 months. You are so tall and thin I think you will show before that :)

Mary Kate said...

Hey Katie,

Just catching up on your blog and lmao!

OK, since I seriously qualify as some sort of Pregnancy Queen, at this point, I will weigh in on some stuff.

1) Showing: EVERY-FREAKIN-BODY is different, so don't let anyone tell you you should/should not be showing by a certain point. AND, to confuse you even more, every single pregnancy is different, too! Argh, right? That said, with my first I didn't "show" (as in everybody could tell I was pg) until I was nearly 6 mos along (my nausea stopped at about the same time, too!). But, with all the rest of my pregnancies, I showed earlier and earlier in each pregnancy. In fact, I'm pretty sure that this last pregnancy, I was wearing maternity clothes before I got a positive pregnancy test result!

2) Prenatal vites: I agree, they are Evil-in-capsule-form. Honestly, the brand really does matter as does the dosage. But, I other than plain folic acid supplements, I avoided them for the 1st trimester and just tried to eat better. It's really not as big a deal as people make it out to be. If you have a fairly healthy diet, then you are covering most of your bases.

3) Epidural: Take it from someone who has has 3 natural, unmedicated labors, 1 actual vaginal birth, and 6 c-sections (uh, people, you can pick your jaws up off the ground. Yes, I have 6 living kids, and 1 in Heaven.), the actual insertion of an epidural are scary, icky, and painful as sh*t. Really. I would seriously take the labor and contractions over the epidural ANY DAY. But, again, that is my personal preference. My best advice would be to obtain as much OBJECTIVE info on epidurals (how they affect you and the baby --- cuz they DO affect the baby), and make your decision in the cold light of day, BEFORE that first doozy of a contraction hits. Now, an epidural for surgery is just as scary (maybe scarier), but so, so, SO necessary and wonderful! lol

4) Umbilical "stumps". Gross, yes. Very gross. As big of a deal as you fear? Nope. Talk to me after you go through labor, having everyone looking at all your no-no parts, your "lochia", baby spit-up, poop, etc. The Stump will be a mere blip on the screen. Really.

I think you're going to be a great mom! Just keep that sense of humor cuz it's gonna save your life!