Friday, June 11, 2010

6 reasons i wont be taking maternity pictures....

Let me start off by saying i do not mean to be judgemental at all - i know that plenty of extremely normal people take maternity photos and they turn out just lovely....and I can see why you would want to document such an awesome unique time - but - big BUT - Why are sooo many maternity shots so freeking ridiculously creepy???????
Someone told me to go to this site and check out the painful awkwardness:
Here are some highlights so that i don't have to deal with the aftermath of seeing this stuff all on my own. You are welcome.
oh my god.
what the hell is the feather for?
no comment.
okay wait. I do have one. Please stop having children after this one.
just imagine how mucky and gross that swamp feels under your toes? Are you trying to be a mermaid? Fail.

I am lost. A gun, a watermelon, and a fetus. No clue.
And then....this one (above). Talk about scarring your children for life.
Dear Mom who is clearly overly involved in your childrens hockey hobby,
Please put a a shirt on.....and never ever pose for another picture again.


Sarah said...

oh my gosh! these are so awkward! hahaha! I actually have never seen such silly prego pics before. most of them are cute!

Christi Ferguson said...


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

I have seen many lovely maternity photos, but I would not do them either! I personally, dont find big bellies sexy or attractive, even if they are carrying LIFE. Maybe I will change, but that is how I think now.

Erin said...

holy crap. so dang awkward! how hillarious. we didnt take pics... and I dont get why people pay so much cause you would never put them up in your house. except im sure these people will!

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!!! You crack me up!!!! I didn't do was everything I could do to take a few shots at a few different times during the pregnancy. Although I did take a pic the day before and it doesn't even look real!!! LOL!!!!

Ummm and that website...Whoa!

coldfield said...

I cannot stop laughing. This is one of the funniest posts I've ever seen.

Ashley Paige said...

im a new reader and almost peed a little while looking over these.. im 32 weeks and thought i would LOVE to do maternity photos- but as the time got closer and i can't even wear my wedding bands... there's just no way. it's so hard to take pictures when you no longer feel pretty/sexy!!! despite what everyone tells you!! i SWEAR my face is chubby!!!! hahaha :)