Wednesday, June 23, 2010

kinda love this.....

I have this big fancy laundry room that has big boring blank walls.....and this freakin awesome badass wall organization system is pretty much exactly what it needs. Well, really it needs some anthropologie cool/eclectic drawer pulls and cabinet knobs too, but this alone would be such a huge change.

The problem is, once you price out all the pieces and parts needed to make this a reality - this little multi-piece unit ends up being about $500 dollars!.....for calendars and cork boards?

I dunno, if i am going to splurge any time soon I was thinking more like - fancy stroller or baby bedding that happens to have a higher thread count than my own???

I don't know, what do you think? Anyone know of a Target version or something else that is cheaper and just as cute? it is the white framing that i really love - it matches my cabinets.


Anonymous said...

You can totally do this yourself!!!!! Hobby Lobby is coming to Montrose where Borders was....and they will totally have this kind of stuff!!! If you can't wait there is a Hobby Lobby in Stow.

Anonymous said...

Dang...I even found a 40% off coupon!!!! Print a bunch of these suckers out and go everyday at lunch!!!

If this link happens to not work just go to their website!!!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

Where is that from?
The Container Store has good stuff!
You def could make this...I am really bad at DIY projects and they always come out looking like a child did it, but I bet you are good with that stuff!

Erin said...

ya, you can do this yourself. there are tons of diy sites that have things exactly like this where you can find frames from goodwill and such! i do love that look though from PB

DK said...

you can get this stuff at ikea! i have a corkboard and a chalkboard that match from ikea and they were probably $10 each.

DK said...

oh aaaand in utah, we have a store called "down east home" and it is all reallyyyy discounted pottery barn stuff, like 80% off. maybe you have one in ohio

anna kathryn said...

is this from ballard design?!
'cause it looks/sounds about right.
you could always get the plain wooden corkboards and just paint them white...wait, perhaps you can't sniff paint if you're preggers...yes? no? omg...i dunno, but i do love the look!

Anonymous said... about I was JUST admiring this very same set in the new Pottery Barn catalog...loves it!

ali said...

I didn't know you could comment! I always just wait to tell you my comments in person... duh me. DIY all the way - especially if its in your laundry room where chances are only you will see it.