Thursday, April 21, 2011

my boobs

yep you read right...this post is about boobs. They are the COO to my little CEO Ashlyn and they pretty much determine when and how everything happens in my life theses days.
i have not gone to bed, eaten breakfast, left the house, or brushed my teeth without first flashin a little boobage to the Boss...not even once in the last 16 weeks have they stayed put and behaved like they did for the 27 years prior to mommyhood. they were kind if useless and unimpressive before but i mean life...and her life revolve around these puppies these days and that is why they are getting their own post on here.

my boobs have never felt so important.

And just to clarify, the boobs i am referring to aren't the old school boobs i used to sport - These are like big time boobs. They are the boobs i always thought i would spend $8,000 to achieve. They are a source of pride when i feel like i had to (at least temporarily) cash in the rest of my body so that i could have a healthy wonderful cute baby. Call me a weirdo but i do appreciate that when god taketh away a human sized waist he did giveth me with some bigger knockers to detract attention

They are little sources of nutrition for my baby and surprisingly artsy inspiration for me too ;)

After all the build up -I bet you want to see them right?

Well unfortunately for some - I am classy enough and smart enough to know that posting a picture of my boobs online is "bad" and not really my style. I'm just hoping (fingers crossed) that i haven't done something socially unacceptable by writing about them and posting this frosted version of "my other" boobs below :

Boobs are okay when they are artsy right?
yep. I did it. I bought flesh colored fondant and made boob cupcakes. That is how boob centered my life is these days.

Not because i am creepy and obsessed with myself.... but because i happened to handle the task of planning the menu and decor for my brother in laws Bachelor party that was hosted at my house a few weekends ago while i was staring at ummmmmmm my own boobs during a flashing/feeding session with Ash.

i struggled with finding what kind of decorations i could do that guys would actually appreciate and the answer was literally right in front of my face! BOOBS!!!! so regardless of the ridiculous tackyness of boobie cupcakes, i did it, and i think they liked them.

Easter baby

i haven't been able to log into my blog for the last week - no clue why. Anyways, now that i am back...i am going to stage a comeback. A big one.

But, first - check out the baby love:


Tuesday, April 12, 2011


i chopped off all of my hair this week (10 inches actually) and someone at the grocery store stopped me and said one of the nicest darn things i have heard in a while. She said:" you are a very chic mom"
it made my day.
It also made me laugh because that literally was the first day that week (okay maybe month) that i hadn't worn yoga pants with a big ole' fancy face of no makeup.
i'm loving the new do and higher maintenance look. My pony tails were getting out of control....and what better way to force yourself to put some effort into your appearance than to try a new haircut.
Oh and i have to recommend a great little hair product i discovered this week too......Bumble and Bumble "texture" is awesome. I tend to love when my hair looks piecy and messy (especially in the summer)....this stuff totally does that. It is matte too so your hair doesn't look greasy. Seriously, try it. People will probably stop you in the grocery store to tell you that you look like a beachy mermaid...and in my book - that is a very good thing.

As far as my last "horribly depressing" post goes. NO need to worry about my mental stability. I will be booking some flights pronto so hopefully these sad days will be a thing of the past :) thanks for your nice comments though.

i'll try to find something more fun to talk about soon!

Monday, April 11, 2011

just bummed

i think i am having a break down.
My baby is finally sleeping for a good chunk of time and i have been up for hours crying.
I don't know why today is particularly hard, but i just have an overwhelming sense of guilt for being so far away from my family. I miss them so much and too much time has passed since we were all together last.
It makes me feel like a bad person. These are all of my favorite people...and i NEVER see them.