Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ashlyn's Baptism Weekend

Life has been so busy lately! the last 3 weekends have been big family events...My brother in-law's high school graduation, my other brother-in-laws wedding reception, and most recently ashlyn's baptism and fathers day. All of the family time has been awesome but i am exhausted.
we had a really nice ceremony at pat's high school. Our regular priest was out of town for like 100 weeks this summer so we opted for a small family mass. Kristen and Jim were the god parents.
Ashlyn wore a baptism dress that my moms grandma made. It was so pretty and very cool that my mom, both my sisters, me and little cousin Amory wore it before her.
Obviously Ashlyn hates being the center of attention.

and one last pic of the 2 of us in church.

BOring post - sorry. i'll come up with something better soon (which probably means in the next 3 weeks).


mrsrsm4 said...

Love the pic!!! Mrs. O'B is looking hot!!! :) I can't wait to compare baptism stories :)

jessie said...

that is so cute you've all worn that dress!!!