Wednesday, July 6, 2011

just getting back....

We went away to DC for the 4th of july t visit clint and tara (pats brother and his wife) and we had so much fun. I could 1o0% live in DC. We walked around old town, went crab picking, saw some fireworks, hung out at the pool, got tan, the boys golfed....It was an all around super fun weekend.
ash loves her gorgeous aunt tara...
I managed to pull of the "human babyshield" that blocks my humongousness pretty well in this picture. UGGGG - i love this dress but every time i wear it and then see pictures i want to die. I look like a linebacker.
and here we are on the couch just waking up. Ashlyn is totally shakin what her momma gave her. She has one caaaaaute little bubble butt.

and seriously is there anything better than a baby in just a diaper?...Yes.... A baby in a diaper taking a picture with their cute dad!

hope you all had a fabulous 4th of july.

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mrsrsm4 said...

She is the cutest!!! So glad you had a great weekend....I have GOT to get to DC. (Add it to the list)