Thursday, July 7, 2011

groundhog day

Apparently i am a total creature of habit....I have been coming up with all of these "new ideas" for blogs that i should write about things i am currently loving and every time i start, i realize i already wrote about that thing i loved last year.

For instance - whatever those golden cherries are called - I'm seriously obsessed with them. They are like tiny little peaches and the color is just to die for. i wanted to write about those but i have already been there and done that. Ummm i am also in love with my pink hydrangea bushes in my backyard. A friend of mine is having a baby girl any time now (she was due on tuesday) and i am dying to make a big pink bouquet for the new addition - BUT i already wrote about those last year when they bloomed and included pictures.

So what else? oh recipes. I'm pretty sure i make all of the same things from season to season, but just in case i haven't already posted on this...try it and you wont be sorry. I can't risk this amazingly blurry cell phone picture going to waste!
I went to our little local farm and bought: avocados, grape tomatoes, english cucumber and a red onion. I had fresh basil, balsamic vinegar, oregano, salt, pepper, olive oil, and parmesan at home. I just chopped everything up and mixed it together in a bowl. I let it sit in the refrigerator for about an hour.....then i grilled chicken (with Lawry's, montreal chicken seasoning, a touch of cayenne, and a drizzle of olive oil.
i chunked up the chicken and mixed everything on my plate. Because i like sauciness and giant heaps of delicious food.... you could easily serve this as chicken with a side though.

it might be a repeat but whatever - pretty sure most people arent checking the archives.....actually i am pretty sure no one is really reading anymore since i hae been so lax with posts - but thats another issue.

and just to make sure that this post is sufficiently random is a picture of me making a REALLY stupid face trying to get Ashlyn to smile.

and you are welcome.


mrsrsm4 said...

Thank you Katie....I now have got to get to Szlays :)

I love all your posts....random is how I think...I blame the lack of sleep but I think it's just me now.

By the way Ashlyn is so so so cute & your arms look fab it that pic!!! :) Always a good thing!!!

Miss you

mrsrsm4 said...

oh and I have a chicken question. Do you buy and freeze chicken or always have fresh???? I need to know because I hate frozen chicken and can never get it to thaw correctly. Let me know....

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

golden cherries? I dont think I have seen those? AND, SHE LOOKS like Pat in that picture :)

Anonymous said...

katie- i made my own version of your dinner last night- yummy! the chix seasoning was a good change from my usual salad dressing marinade.

amanda- i always buy fresh chicken cause i can never get the frozen to work out well either; i do use frozen for crock pot stuff though.