Saturday, July 16, 2011

oh my god i'm getting old

so i am being "cool" chillin at home on a saturday night and i'm looking at facebook (don't be jeal). I came across this picture above - it is from the night Pat and I got engaged....I had just turned 22!!! I look so young....i was so young and i can't help but think how fun and easy this time in my life was

and then i saw this picture...which i will admit i thought was a flattering picture (in all of my spray tanned glory)...but Jesus H i look so old. I mean i have wrinkles...and that baby in the purple? oh yeah she is mine!?!?

i can't get over it. How are we 22, drinking beer, having New Years parties one day.... then, what seems like the next day -you are sitting at home on a saturday night looking at m-effing one piece bathing suits online while simultaneously checking the baby monitor and facebook???

i am kind of freaked out by how fast time goes by. This february will be our five year anniversary - the top picture was a little over six years ago. We have been dating for 10 years in October....Our baby is 7 months old already. I mean seriously! Stop! This is all going by way too fast.


Mrs. Mama said...

story of my life my dear. Story. Of. My Life.

I might as well make this my blog post...

because we are just too identical right now.

love and miss you and your beautiful baby girl!!

Mrs. ummmmmm......Brownell said...

Teaching HS, makes how old we are very deceptive. I forget that I've got 10-14 years on them, until I try to train with my cheer squad. Or god forbid I try to stay up as late as they do (at cheer camp).

I look at really old pictures of Andrew and me and think that we just look like the older siblings of those children.

And, you have no wrinkles and still look amazing.

Heidi Chandler said...

I seriously had the same realization. What the hell happened to my skin? My face has totally morphed. WTF! NOt a fan. I don't care what I have to show for it hahaha....