Friday, October 10, 2008

Be nice to your Grandma

My grandma recently purchased an older condo on the same little island that my parents live on. It is in a beautiful area but it needed a little bit of fixing up. Lucky for my Grandma my sister Lauren and her super nice boyfriend Josh offered to do the complete re-design. They have been in Florida for weeks working on this remodel. As you can see from the pics - My Grandma loves it!!! She is beyond excited to move in -- which is such a relief knowing that it will be really hard for her to leave the house she lived in with my Grandpa for 35 years. Just thought i would post some pics as a "kudos" for Lauren and Josh (i think this counts as their good deed for the year)!!!

They made cookies so that it would smell "home-y" whe she came to see it.

gotta love the polished wood - pass thru

Have you ever seen someone so excited about a sink in your life? I love this one!

My mom made this adorable shell mirror (so cute)!

Lauren, My Grandma, and Josh after the big reveal.

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Erin and James said...

i looove her kitchen! it's fabulous!