Thursday, October 9, 2008

practical recipes

The one thing I love doing more than anything else online is looking for good recipes. This is one of my favorite places to go because it has so many practical options. Now that i am cooking for Pat and I both, I find it harder than ever to find good recipes that we both like....he is always telling me that he doesn't like "artsy fartsy" food (which apparently means anything with goat cheese- or purchased from trader joe's) that he hasn't had before. It really is funny....except for when I have made an "artsy fartsy" meal that I am totally excited about and he barely eats it. He always tells me he likes what i make but it is pretty obvious when he doesn't :)

Another great bonus that comes with using this site is that if he doesn't like what i made I can always blame it on someone else (like Martha Stewart) because it wasn't really even my recipe!

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