Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ohio is weird.

I just went to the vending machine at work for a little after-lunch snack and i realized that half of the chips offered were these weird "Ohio State Chips"....Don't get me wrong, I love Ohio but i don't know if i love it enough to pass up my usual "cheddar and sour cream" selection for some Ohio pride snack. Maybe I just thought it was funny becasue I never saw Florida chips , Indiana chips or California chips (and God knows I ate my fair share in all of those states) but seriously? The funny thing is that i am totally in the minority with thinking this is weird. All of the people I know from Ohio are total die-hard midwest-forever snow lovers. They would never dream of going someplace else to live and if they were given the option, I bet they would pick Ohio chips every single time :) Maybe i will be the same way some day???? Nope.....probably not.

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