Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Blogging huh?

So I decided recently that it would be fun to have a blog. One reason is because I started to feel selfish for just passively blog stalking - like I was all take and no give. I love that blogs provide endless entertainment and updates amidst some very dull days at work. So anyways I decided that i would feel better if i started my own. Another reason is becasue i feel like I do all kinds of fun stuff that I usually don't document. I am constantly looking for new recipes, shopping online for DIY projects, decorating my next house in my mind, and spending time with family and friends - all without any proof for the curious online world :)

Hopefully this will be the place to keep all of my random thoughts and adventures organized. Although I am pretty sure that I will only be writing to myself most of the time - I hope that whatever goes in to this blog is entertaining enough to keep you (and I) coming back for more :)

Stay tuned....

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