Monday, October 13, 2008

Baby Blogs are Better

I am definitely sort of baby crazy these days, but even if i wasn't I would still say that the blogs where people have cute little kids or really adorable baby bumps seem to be the most entertaining. I struggle to think of funny things to say or to find "cute" pictures of myself and Pat that people might enjoy...and every time I do, i always think "jeez if only i had a baby there would definietly be something cute and funny to post- mid 20's Pat and Katie just aren't cutting it." So anyways, since baby time is a ways away for the O'B's, I am going to post a sneek preview of how cool my blog will be in the years to come ( this is a joke please dont be too freaked out).

I will write about all of the days I spend just "hanging out" in evening gowns laughing and chillin' with my baby in my perfectly decorated home

I will also, write about the creative name I came up with for my baby that none of the other moms thought of ....little "Orangej ello O'Brien"

And then i would talk about how my little kids are the smartest little kids ever!! SO smart in fact that they have their own reality shows about science and math.

ANd then i would follow up with stories about how I spent the day at the playground and the paparazzi ( in suburban Ohio) just WOULD NOT leave me or "the baby" alone!

Aaaaand pretty much it is just going to be awesome. Until then though, you will have to listen to me talk about "me" and all of the cool, cute, smart stuff that I do while staying busy.

Hope you guys aren't too bored....sorry :)

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Erin and James said...

hillarious! you know what...i hate when i hear my friends or sister in law brag about how smart their kids are! that kills me...because im like "um they are average...just like every other kid" you are too funny!