Sunday, October 26, 2008

Not because I don't like Fall.....

This will be the last "i love fall" post. Not because i want it to be, but mostly because it looks like fall is going to come to an abrupt end in Ohio this week. There is a "wintery mix" in the forecast for tommorow through Wednesday and let me tell you "wintery mixes" suck! Think rain, sleet, wind, really bad hair, freezing cold, scary driving.... all around yuckiness.
The weater guys might as well say "the weather will be total crap from now until next summer...which is approximately 7-8 months from now so buckle down and enjoy or just move if you are a fan of sunshine and warmth!"
So since the wintery mix is unavoidable, I decided to make sure that i was going to make the most of the beautiful weather that we have been having. I made Pat come on a walk with me a few days ago and i took a bunch of pictures. Not quite the Bahamas, but this is the weather that has been making me very happy lately :)

The beginning of the trail.

a little bridge

pretty trees (soon to be leafless and covered in

Soooo pretty. I am going to miss you fall.

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