Sunday, October 26, 2008

Was this picture a fake? Does my Dad hate me?

My parents went to a costume party this weekend. Apparently they decided to immitate a little bit of "reality" and dressed as the mother and father of the bride. Sounds weird, but if you knew what they have been going through for the last 3 years of my engagement, wedding, and now Kristen's big day you would understand that there is a need for a little bit (okay a lot)of humor. I called my parents probably 10 times a day with some great idea about "water submerged orchids" that i just had to have....and I know Kristen now calls to chat about big bands, flowers, and charter buses for guests too! Whoever would have guesses that this might get old for my wonderful parents? (yes that was sarcasm).
Anyways here is my dad dressed as a "penniless hobo father of the bride" and my mom is well...her fabulous mother-of-the- bride self. Complete with a list of all of the "must-haves" that her daughters have been bugging her about for years now!!!

Love you Dad!....Sorry :)

Seriously, how gorgeous is my mom???
Please note: Lauren, the smart sister has already decided that when she gets married she will be eloping. I now know that my parents love her more for it. I guess i can't blame them now :)

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Erin and James said...

i looove it! your parents are awesome! that is soo hillarious! and yes, your mom is gorgeous, like mother like daughters!