Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kristen's Bridal Shower

I drove out to Chicago this weekend for Kristen's Bridal Shower. Her Aunt-In Law's to be hosted and it was a really fun time. The decorations were super cute too (all fun Kitchen gadgets that Kristen could take home). So anyways, despite the "pastey, puffy, tired" look that I have in all of these pics I decided to post a few so that this event was documented. My mom, sister and I also threw a California shower but I haven't loaded the pics yet so there are more to come....

The favors were a collection of recipes along with these cute little heart shaped measuring spoons.
A table.....obvi.
A bunch of Kristens chicago/college/work friends

Kristen opening a bunch of her beautiful gifts

That "pasty, puffy, tired" picture that I was referring to.
Another one.... with the bride and my Glam-a

Here is my college roommate Katie...who also happens to be my sister's soon-to-be sister in-law. Weird huh?
A few other "Fun Facts:"
  • My sister is marrying Jim. Jim introduced Pat and I at Notre Dame.
  • Kristen and I both started dating our "husbands" the first week of college.
  • Jim has 2 sisters and Kristen has two sisters...Katie and Lauren Dowd and Katie and Lauren O'Connor ( they both actually have one brother too, but they have different names-Marty and Danny so it isn't as cool) :)
  • Kristen and Jim have been dating for 9 Years!!!
  • Ummmm i am sure there are more, but that was all I could think of for now.

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Erin and James said...

that is sooo funny...all those similarities and how everyone works. soo fun when everyone is inter-related!