Monday, October 13, 2008

10 things that I would rather be doing....

Mondays often make me think of what I would rather be doing with my time. As awesome as my day of conference calls and media buying has been I would rather be doing any one of these 10 things:
1. Sitting in a little Cabana on a beach someplace with Pat

2. Getting a pedicure and having lunch with my girlfriends

3. Shopping for Fall clothes with an unlimited budget
4. Working out for Biggest Loser - "Pat and Katie edition" (trying to get skinny for my sister's wedding in December)

5. Doing something creative and constructive like putting together all of the photo albums i have been meaning to create.

6. Going for a hike on one of the gorgeous trails by my house. The fall leaves are tdf right now

7. Enjoying a glass of wine while watching project runway re-runs

8. Getting my car washed (it has been forever and I am genuinely looking forward to it being clean again)

9. Planning my sister's Bachelorette Party that we are doing in Florida November 7-9

10. taking a nap in a hammock while periodically reading either a good book or an US weekly filled with celebrity gossip that I don't already know about :)

1 comment:

Erin and James said...

ya, most of those are my daily wishes that i day dream about while stuck in my office putting together reports. if only i could win the lottery and those things could come true!