Friday, May 29, 2009

2 hours

How on earth can it feel like I have been at work for 36 hours straight and I still have 2 hours left?...actually i have 1 hour and 55 minutes left but who is counting - right?

Since I am quite annoyed that i am still sitting at my desk when lots of other "funner" things could be happening, I want to take advantage of this little bit of time to point out that a big part of me sort of hates short weeks that follow long weekends. There is nothing short about a short week when you set your hopes all high and figure that 4 days is going to be so much better than 5. It never is for me. Four days always feels like 8 and you never get a 4 day week when you have a light work load.

Don't get me wrong....I still loved and appreciated the spectacular long weekend. I am just bitter now that I am heading into a 2 dayer....and I NEED a 5!

Lots of important stuff to attend to this weekend. We are officially moving a week from Monday (possibly Sunday if these peeps are turbo movers) and I have a boatload of boxes to pack. Luckily, unlike the Florida to Ohio move I don't really have to worry about things breaking in transport. There will not be any bubble wrap or 1,000 mile distances to travel in a U-Haul...everything will just have to be thrown together nicely enough to survive about 5 stop lights.

P.S>Writing about the last move just made me think of how many places i have lived throughout my 25 years.... just in case you were curious:
I was born in Menomonee Falls Wisconsin, moved to Oahu Hawaii, then to Anaheim Hills California, then i went to college in South Bend Indiana, then I moved back to California, then I moved to Jacksonville Florida (where i had one false alarm move to West Palm where we even put our house up for sale, but decided to stay put), then we moved to Fairlawn Ohio and now i am moving to Bath Ohio (5 stoplights down the road) which is super cute. Wow - Look at me! I have been all over the place lately.....but looking forward to settling in for a long time.


Ashley said...

Have you already owned a house before!?? You are only 25! That's impressive! Good Luck ON THE move!

Katie OB said...

wellll...I helped pick it out :) ha ha. Technically it was just my husband's house (we were dating, then engaged soon after when he bought it) so the new house will actually be my first.