Tuesday, May 26, 2009

so sad.

Did anyone else finish watching the Jon and Kate Plus 8 premiere feeling drained and absolutely devastated? I turned the tv off hoping that the next morning there would be a press release saying that the season has been postponed or cancelled so that they could work their issues out privately. Unfortunately that has not happened and things really aren't looking good. All week I watched the previews - hoping that the uncomfortable and very separate couch interviews were just dramatizing the situation - and when the show actually aired I was hoping that they would say that they are still in love....at a rough place...but working on it. That so didn't happen and even though I am not surprised I am still bummed for them.

I have long maintained that I feel like Kate was a great mom and a bad wife. I guess I probably shouldn't pass judgement or act like I know them, but the show has made me really aware of how hard it seems like marriage gets once you bring kids into the equation. Obviously when you only focus on your kids (as they both stated like100 times) your marriage is going to suffer...and guess what - Then your kids end up suffering too, and that just can't be the case.

So long story short, last nights show really made me think about what I want my life to be like (and my marriage) in the years to come. When I do have some kids I want to know that date nights will still happen and that we are both ready take on all of the shared responsibilities of parenting and providing for a family....even when things on't go according to plan.

In closing, I would also like to say "thank you" to reality tv for making me evaluate my life and the standards I plan on enforcing in my marriage. You (reality tv) have made me realize that waiting to have a baby so that my husband doesn't freak out and have a midlife crisis - ultimately deciding that he hates my guts - is probably a good idea.


Erin and James said...

i haven't watched it yet, but I was watching past episodes last night of all the years and how slowly their couch time they sit father apart and the body language shows that they are falling out. It really is sad. I don't know why they agreed to do the show when their marriage is bad. It's hard when kids come, they take over your life and attention. But James and I have really made sure we have "us" time. Whether it's just talking, going on a date, or whatever...after the baby goes to bed we make sure it's all about us...but even during the day you just have to remember to appreciate the other person. but you are right, kate is a mean wife...my husband hates her as a wife. (sorry so long!)

Cristina said...

I was super bummed after I watched it. I just feel so bad for those kids. I wish they would quit the show. No good is coming out of it. And yes, having a baby can make things tough, but it also makes things so incredible and makes you love your husband even more than you thought possible :)

Erin Michelle said...

I am an anonymous reader and I've been meaning to comment for awhile - your posts always crack me up! I am sad about Kate & fam too but seriously I think we all saw it coming from day one. Love the shout out to reality TV... its given us so much! :)

Sorry to be stalkerish!! haha

Ashley said...

Did you see that the State of PA is doing an investigation on the Family for child labor laws?!?