Tuesday, May 26, 2009

what a fab weekend!

I had a great weekend and there is no picture evidence to prove it unfortunately. Instead you get "my words." (stop cheering...I know it is exciting). Anyways, I think Lebron set the pace for this fabulous weekend with his last second ridiculous 3 pointer to beat Orlando at the buzzer on Friday night. Clint and Tara were in town and we all watched the game at the O'Briens. Of course, Mrs. OB made a delicious 35 course dinner beforehand.

Saturday was fun, too. We went to Pat's little brother's golf tournament and discovered the Ohio equivalent of Mt. Kilimanjaro when we got to the third tee. I mean seriously there was a mountain that we had to climb just to see him. I purposely lagged behind Pat so he could not hear how hard I was breathing. but in my defense I have NEVER seen anything like this on golf course. It was gorgeous outside though so i guess it was worth the hike. After golf, we went to this super fun little market that I love and Pat hates. There are wine tstings constantly, delicious cheese samplings galore, a little band of old men that walks around playing music and a wonderful bakery. The whole reason for the trip was to get these amazing brownies to bring over to the people we bought our house from. We had been invited to the house for a sort of orientation and i felt bad going empty handed. Afterall, these people are "giving" (yeeah right "giving" my ass) us their house. j/k. So I collected thebrownies in my allotted 30 second timeframe and moved on to the house! The people we bought it from are soooo darn cool and nice. They absolutely didn't have to invite us overl, but it was so appreciated to get all of the cleaning tips, find out where the secret hidden sprinkler system was, they introduced us to neighbors and the lady even showed me her adorable new shoes that she had bought that morning ("just becasue they were so hot"). The couple is moving to Atlanta and I for sure 100% expect to see this lady on Real Housewives of Atlanta next season. She is a total diva and I want to be her friend....the husband is pretty much exactly like Pat too!

Sunday, all of the boys went golfing again and I met my friend Melissa and her friend Jackie for a walk. It is amazing how many gorgeous wooded walking trails there are. This particular one has a creek, it is 2 minutes from my new house, and 4 miles long. It is my 100% goal to start jogging that thing regularly in the summer. After walking I went out to do a little shopping and found the greatest place ever. It was like a mini Roger's Gardens (if you are from California) and they serve unbelievable margaritas on the weekends. Who knew looking at plants could be so fun!

Monday was uneventful - but soooo appreciated! Can you imagine if we had 3 day weekends on a regular basis? I feel so rested....and I don't feel cheated like work has consumed my life this week. Why isn't this just the standard? I know everyone agrees with me. I spent a lot of Katie time on Monday and decided that i was going to figure out a way to have my own little apartment BBQ to close off the weekend. This is hard without a grill, but i figured it out. My panini maker came through like a champ and delivered some AWESOME shishkabobs a-la-my favorite! This time I used center-cut sirloin, onions and pepers marinated in just Ketchup, soy sauce and garlic. So simple but it really was so good! Try it - k?

Hope you all had good weekends too! ....in case you haven't realized we also have a short week and we can wear white pants now! I am stoked!


Ashley said...

OMG! I only started watching this show VERY Recently! But, I was SOO Sad last night to see this show! I can’t believe they are over! I feel your pain! I am so glad I have not watched this show through the seasons or My sadness would be way worse! :)

Ashley said...

Oops! I meant to put that comment on the post about Jon and kate!

Also, My husband thinks Kate is a mean wife too!

Tara Tozzi said...

Katie I sprinted up that hill in less than sixty seconds. No problem.