Monday, May 11, 2009

Remember when I went to Florida for Easter?

well the pics arew finally up. Here is our afternoon cocktail sesh from day 1. I obvi enjoyed mine thoroughly. Nothing better than Margaritas on the porch at my parents :)

Pat fished off of the dock the first night we were there and caught this lovely fish. Ignore the blood and this is a pretty cute pic.

Day 2: my parents drove us out to this little Island (that obvi has a light house) off of Ft. De Soto Beach. We dropped anchor, ate lunch, jumped off of the boat, and pretty much just chilled all day. P.S. 3 weeks later I am still sort of tan.

The captain and First Mate (of the boat tenatively named "Judy's Booty"....although I am not sure Judy will ever actuall be on board with that)

Moi and the Mom!

My Dad... I love this picture of him

We went to some fun little beach bar that night and my Dad unveiled his ridiculously amazing skills for getting a little metal ring to grab onto a hook. Until this night I had never seen anyone dad did it like 4 times.

Pat was not quite as successfull (Dad 4 - Pat 0)....but we still had tons of fun. Can't wait to go back!


Melissa said...

i wannnnnnna go!!

Lauren said...

I heart the O'Connor fam! Looks like such a fun trip!

PS-your sunglasses are fab! Where did you get them?!

Katie OB said...

hey Larn! ....YOu might be excited to know that those sunglasses were $10 at Brass Plum :) My good ones always break so now I have moved on to the cheapies!!

Tara Tozzi said...

so tonight i was wearing an adorable (or so i thought) dress that looks identical to the one you're wearing in that last picture and clint told me i look like shmeigel from lord of the rings.