Saturday, May 9, 2009

Last night I played doctor....

....with MYSELF. weird huh?
I didn't actually play doctor. It was more like dress up and It was Grey's Anatomy's fault. Every time I see that show I really wish that i would have liked school more...and by "more" I mean enough to have wanted to spend an additional 8 years becoming a doctor. How cool would that be? I always say that had I become a doctor I so would have wanted to become a plastic surgeon that does the perfect mix of really heart warming life changing operations and then a bunch of super superficial booby cases too.
Since that didn't happen - I have found a "great" compromise that fulfills my deep love for all things scrubs.... I went to school for the stomacheable 4 years..... I work in advertising - and a few of my clients are hospitals! That is how i got this fancy Grey's -esque scrub cap (the really "smart" looking facial expression is all my own- I was thinking about how I could remove Izzy's tiny little brain tumor). Yesterday, I actually got to dress up in full scrubs and spend my whole day shooting a commercial for a new heart center and it was so fun. They even had a last minute snafu with not being able to show employees that aren't doctors so I got invited into the shot to play the super important role of nurse. I wanted to be a girl cardiologist but oh well.
so anyways...that is how i spent my day and apparently I am not above admitting that i do frequently play dress up by myself when Pat is not home. Does anyone else do that?
No?...okay me neither then.

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Erin and James said...

hillarious! watching greys makes me want to go back for 8 more years of school too...