Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My heart stopped...

So I could try to make this into a funny story but in wasn't funny. For a few seconds this morning I thought I was going to be murdered. I woke up, turned on the tv to watch the today show, said goodbye to Pat, locked my front door when he left, and got into the shower about 10 minutes later. I toweled off, hung up my towel, and walked into my bedroom (naked) only to find a MAN standing in the doorway of my bedroom that I obviously had never seen. I'm not was like my biggest fear came true. I am forever thinking that i will be washing my face in the shower, soap in my eyes, and when i rinse them off and open my eyes again there will be a killer standing in my bathroom looking at me. Even though I have thought about this a million times I never thought it would actually happen.

This event gave me maybe the worst feeling I have ever had in my entire life. I screamed as loud as I could and my stomach instantly started burning- the guy turned away and moved down the hall so I ran and slammed my door. As soon as I stopped screaming he yelled to me that he was only there to fix my air conditioning.

I do have a broken air conditioning so this made sense....but what I did not have was any kind of call from my landlord letting me know that he had scheduled someone to be in my house at 7:45 am!!!! I am seriously so mad at the landlord right now I am fuming.

It isn't so much that the guy saw me very very naked....It is more the fact that i was terrified (even though it really only lasted a few seconds before things got cleared up). I had absolutely no idea that anyone would be there and to walk out to a bearded man with a huge flashlight in your bedroom - That is not cool.
One more reason why it is absolutely time to move the eff out!


Katie said...

Holy hell... My stomach dropped when I read this Katie. Wow. That's one way to ruin your morning?! But seriously, I'm angry for you. How ridiculous? You've been nothing but good tenants - Have Pat call and get your last month free (or something, ya know?!!). That's horrifying AND super duper illegal not to notify you of someone entering your house . . . Right? I'm really glad you didn't get murdered. . . (Bad joke, but you know what I mean!)

Ashley said...