Monday, May 18, 2009

I am not patient...

I am many things and "patient" is not one of them.

In a lot of ways I am still very much like a kid when it comes to patience. For instance on Christmas morning I still wake up prior to 7am, wake up my brother ( i guess Pat now too), then I go on to the much larger task of waking up my sisters so that we can all run downstairs and see what Santa brought us. Or in other examples of me being impatient ...if i get a chip in my nail polish while i am at work, I cannot wait until i get home from work to fix it or take off the rest of my nail polish. I scratch all of it off right away (not that that looks better - believe me I know)but i just can't seem to wait.

The moral of the story is: It is amazing- I am 25 years old and I am incapable of waiting for anything really!

Much like this Christmas morning scenario - I am finding it impossible to patiently wait for the day that we get to move into our house. Oddly, we already own the house, but the previous owners are renting it back from us until their kids are done with school for the year. At the time of negotiations this idea sounded fine and I figured it was the thoughtful concession to make just so long as we got the house, but now I go to bed thinking "seriously, how important is 3rd grade? I am sure the kid could skip out on the last 3 weeks - I want to live in my house d@m*&"
I am so not being patient with this one :)

We have so much to do and so much to look forward to and I really cant wait to get the show on the road. Every time I see that one commercial where the girl goes into her closet with all of her friends in her new house and screams (then all of the boys go into a giant refrigerated beer room and scream also) I begin to fantasize about the actual day when i can go into my new closet and scream like crazy too...... and seriously just wait until you see this closet I am talking about...the previous owners BUILT ON to their house to accomodate the ridonculous clothing and shoe collection they both possesed. It has an island will soon have a chandelier....and I will have about 600 hangers worth of new reasons to go shopping! But just to add insult to injury - the closet that is now housing my clothing just broke. The bottom rack pulled out of the wall and I can't hang anything on it. It is time to go....time to move on to the new casa, and i am hoping that for some reason that date (June 8th) comes quickly!!!!


Katie said...

Perfect spot for those vases!!!
(unless you wrote in an offer for those violins. . . .)

Katie OB said...

ha ha - all music related decor will be removed prior to moving in!

Erin and James said...

hillarious. about christmas and the nail polish! I'm totally exactly the same parents to this day make me stay in our room till at least always dying! I cant wait to see the housE!

The Chandler Trio said...

I love the double closets in the entry! Good luck with the "viewing shelf" haha...those are always a little awkward to decorate haha. Super cute idea with the chandelier in the closet! What color scheme are you going to do? I LOVE LOVE LOVE that coral/posh room your sister decorated a while ago (on your blog)! Congrats! So much fun! =)

Ashley said...

Oh, I am SO envious of the Closet! You will have to post pictures of it, and I will probably drool over it!