Friday, May 1, 2009

McCullough Wedding

I finally (finally) uploaded lots of pictures from the past few months. I was most excited to see all of these pics from Kevin and Lindsey's fabulous DC wedding. Honestly, this wedding was such a blast. It was great to see some old friends, hang out with Pat's brother and his girlfriend Tara again, and see a little bit of DC scenery. The cherry blossoms were out in full force, it was 85 degrees, and pretty much a perfect weekend for a wedding.
I took this picture out of our hotel room window. We were right next to the Capitol building too.
Sooo Pat looks really handsome here and I look a little worn out in these post rehearsal pics. Why - you ask....well that would be because I went on about a 50 minute jog in my freaking dress, barefoot, alone, through the streets of HIV infested DC. (please note: I'm not sure that DC is in fact infested with HIV, but that was what my wonderful sister Kristen told me when I called to tell her that I was barefoot running through the city- how comforting right?) Anyways, when I left the hotel I found out that we were actually walking to the rehearsal. It didn't seem that far and I figured a few blocks in some super high heels would be a great leg work out. All of this was true until my stupid shoe broke!!!! The groom told me that there were some shoe stores in Union Station a few blocks up the street, and over a few more blocks to the left. I took off quickly so not to disrupt any wedding activities and after about 2 blocks (that felt a lot more like 20)I got stopped by a cop - seriously. I think he thought i was running "from" someone. I explained, but apparently I did not strike up enough sympathy for a ride in the back of a police car to go by some new shoes :) I did end up surviving so here are some more highlights from the weekend .....
Pat, the groom- Kevin, and his brother Pat at the rehearsal dinner ( these are notre dame friends so pretty much everyone was named Patrick or Katie at the wedding)
more guy pics...that is Pats brother Clint next to him
Just after church let out! The wedding ceremony and church were both gorgeous :)
The new Mr and Mrs. McCullough!!
Pat and I at the wedding (aren't we nicely coordinated)??
Dr. Tara applying some lip gloss. Fun fact: we have the same birthday and our boyfriends have the same parents and siblings! whoa.
Now this is important: This guy is Travis Tucker. Travis Tucker was the 4th runner up on American Idol a few seasons ago and he is legit! This band was the best wedding band of all time. We all danced the entire night - I would HIGHLY reccomend them to anyone getting married in the DC area.
See.....I told you. We danced ALL night long. This is my wonderful mother-in-law and T-tozzle again. Other honorable mention would be me in my surprisingly short dress. I don't remember it being that short. Whoops.
And - well I don't know what to say about this one. I wish that there were mirrors on dance floors so that I could re-work my moves once i realize what I actually look like ( in my head I was looking awesome)
Soanyways that takes care of the latest fun wedding weekend post. Congrats Kevin and Lindsey!

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Tara Tozzi said...

Hahah I love this blog and those pics are hilarious. I especially love the ones of Lins sneaking up behind Travis Tucker looking all creepy with a beer in her hand. Looks like she's about to assault him.
Hope you had a great cruise and hope you're having fun in Pittsburgh! Hope to see ya soon.