Monday, June 1, 2009

It's getting close!

My little pregnant sister is in her 3rd trimester!! She left me a note on facebook saying that her stomach totally moves and she feels like an alien is going to pop out of her belly button at any moment to say "whats up" so I guess that means that it is definitely time to start planning the baby shower! I got to thinking about it and realized - OMG I have never BEEN to a baby shower and I am going to be responsible for throwing this very important event in a little over a month. I totally need help....not just with good baby shower ideas, but also with good baby gift ideas too.

I am seriously hoping that this "pregnant cuteness" pictured above and below runs in our family. Kristen just has the little bump and she looks great (which has always been a goal of mine... but with my luck i will probably have some rash and gain 25 pounds in my face) - ha ha.I guess i will cross that bridge when I get there.

Long story short tell me about some cute things that you have seen people do at baby showers? It is going to be a brunch - and the baby is a girl. Everything else is TBD.



The Chandler Trio said...

For a bridal luncheon we went to a little tea parlor that was decorated to the nines with Paris glam/sophistication. Its called Paris in a Cup in the Orange circle here in orange. Maybe they have a website you could look at. It was so precious and all I could do was daydream about having a little girl's shower in there. Location is key. Other than that I would get gorgeous flowers. Peonies are coming into season I think. Look at wedding websites under the color decor you would like and you might find some really cute decor ideas that you could twist into "baby". Start with invitations. They set the tone. Find a cute bakery that will do a cute cake. Determine if you want to do any games. I personally dont like too many games at showers, especially bridal. Baby showers can be a bit more fun. You could hire a presentation chef to come in and teach the women some fun fast recipes for when a new mom doesn't have much time to cook dinner, or a beautiful feminine dessert in honor of the baby.

Anywho, I dont want to write a novel but let me know if you need anymore ideas. Events are my thing =) Congrats Aunty!!

The Chandler Trio said...

Oh PS i didnt mean to come to the OC, just find a place like that =)

anna coffman said...

anna here!
little mini rubber duckies floating in the punch bowl.
that's my two cents!
:) me

Cristina said...

Your sister looks great! I am sure it runs in the family and you will be gorgeous too when your time comes :)

A fun "game" to play that we did was decorating onesies. We all used fabric pens on plain white onesies and they were hilarious. Holland got some really good ones - my favorite was a "sexy" bikini outfit (think those oversize t-shirts with the hot bods silk screened on them.) I am sure one day the laundry just wont get done, and they get some use!

Also, ask your sister what her favorite pregnancy food is and make sure to have it there. It will make her feel extra special.

As for gifts, I always think the more practical ones are the most appreciated. I think the swing was probably my favorite thing, and I always thought of the friend who gave it to me when I used it, which was pretty much everyday!

Good luck, I am sure it will be a wonderful day!

Erin and James said...

she looks fabulous! I thought it was just my belly and then I look at pics and see i had a fat face too. dang it. anyways....
i like the whimsical parties with light colored flowers, tons of different little pastries and drinks in bottles.
cristina is right on the onesies, i hated the other games, but that is great cause everyone can just talk and then it makes your clothing collection waaay biggger!