Monday, June 15, 2009

I was always the er not the ee....

I am talking ding-dong-ditching and last night I was the victim. No big deal, except that it was 2:30 in the morning and I was sooooo tired! Don't worry though...I didn't run down the street after the kids or really even get mad. I just sent Pat to check the door step for flaming bags of "welcome to the neighborhood" poo and luckily there weren't any flames (or poo) so we just watched these kids in very bright clothing run from door to door terrorizing the rest of the sleeping neighborhood. They were not very undercover. I couldn't help but think - How funny that I am now on the receiving end of these little pranks? We actually stayed up for a little while watching what they were doing and getting a kick out of remembering ourselves doing the same thing.Really though, ding dong ditching was never that much fun for me anyways. I was always the loser that was going to pee my pants the second I tried to do anything mischievous that required hiding in a dark place. The need to go to the bathroom and my uncontrollable habit of laughing when I am nervous really made me suck when it came to being sneaky. I usually just stayed behind and watched my friends do it.

Other things that were entertaining, made me feel old, and more than a little hillbillyish are as follows:

I drove a gigantic rental dump truck thingy from Home Depot this weekend and you should know, there truly is no better way to spend your Sunday than being filthy dirty and scratched up from head to toe while bouncing around in a big-ole truck. I felt like such a hilljack and I laughed the entire drive back to Home Depot.

I dropped a giant tree branch in the road (it fell out of my dump truck) and landed right in front of the car of a new neighbor. Hopefully one day we will be friends and it will be a funny story but at the time i was really embarrassed. I should probably add that I was driving wearing purple gardening reason, they just stayed on. So I am sure I looked extra cool when I was super prepared to retrieve the branch that kept this family from going to their kids soccer game.

I used a pitchfork for approximately 8 hours. We spread 10 sq/yds. of mulch yesterday. Our yard looks fab but my back feels awful. I am a serious gardener these days with some serious old people aches and pains.

That's it. I have achieved a new level of "cool" that i never thought was possible.

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