Thursday, June 18, 2009

I came across this article while I was getting my hair done last week. If you can't read it in the picture it says: " What are the things that make you happiest - that don't involve a major transfer of currency?"....If i remember correctly, this was from O magazine and I figured I owe it to Mama Oprah and myself to answer this question. Remembering the "little things" always makes me feel so fortunate and grateful so here it goes:

1.Watching a movie in bed with pat.
2. Laying out in the sun. Always/ anywhere - will make me immensly happy.
3.Finishing a project that you could have paid someone else to do, but you finished it entirely on your own with great success.
4.Really good hair days
5. Taking a shower that seems to last forever where you get out and just feel totally clean and rejuvinated.
6. Sundresses.
7. DKNY undies....for some reason I feel like it brings me great happiness. Cute underwear is always fun.
8.A nice walk on a pretty trail with friends.
9. A great conversation catching up with my brother, sisters, mom, or dad.
10. The thoughtful cards that my grandmas send regularly.
11. picnic lunches
12.Sunday Brunches
13. Floating in a pool when you cant hear anything because your ears are under water.
14. Being successful at work - genuinely helping someone else by offering my opinion.
15.Making an appetizer that everybody really likes.
16. Movie Kissing with my permanent boyfriend.
17.Being an Aunt
18. Making someone laugh
19.Feeling 100% confident (doesn't happen all the time but it feels good when I do)
20. Planning a party
21.Introducing people who wouldn't have otherwise met - that really get along and like each other.
22. Ruffles potato chips with french onion dip
23. Fireworks on the 4th of July
24. Hearing songs that make you think of a really specific time that you heard that song in the past.
25.Fireflies....I just started to see them again and I can't explain how cool i think these little bugs are.
26. Driving with your windows down on a nice day.
27. Country music concerts
28. Knowing that my whole family (O'C's and O'B's) are always there to be supportive and we all get along
29. Yardwork with Pat
30. Really really good fresh lemonade.
31. Hot chocolate and fireplaces.
32. Dancing in my living room all by myslef.
33. Doing my own nails and toes.
34. Christmas!!!
35. Decorating my house for any/all holidays.
36. Tailgating before a Notre Dame football game. Such a family tradition. I have always loved it- always will.
37. Going to church on Sundays and feeling like you are a better person becasue of it.
38. Finishing a good book
39. Feeling like all the pieces are falling into place - realizing that everything has happened for a reason
40. Being in love.


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Ashley said...

I love BBQ'ing and eating outside on the deck too!