Thursday, June 4, 2009


Blogs without pictures are usually boring, but seeing as how my camera battery is soooo not alive and the charger is packed away in my abyss of an apartment - You are again stuck with only my words.

Pat and I have slowly but surely been packing all of our stuff away to get ready for the move this weekend. A few weeks ago Pat took two huge mirrors off of the wall just so it would "start to actually feel like we were moving out" and even though I totally agreed that it was fun to start the process - I'll admit, I sort of missed having the big old mirrors available to check myself out in before i leave for work ( okay and other times too). Well once i got over that we totally cleaned out our guest room, the hall closet, my dresser, half of my closet, half of my shoes, half of my kitchen and I will tell you....I now am missing a lot of things. I need the stuff that is boxed up. We started too early and now I am annoyed.

I considered writing a post reminiscent of a Christmas card letter where I talk about how fabulous the move is well Pat and I have been working together.... and how i can't wait to move in...La la la. Well yeah i can't wait to move in but I'll tell you - there is such a flip side. I am a raging lunatic because of the chaos of moving and it really isn't fun right now.

And, oddly, it isn't just the packing it is also the decorating that is giving me serious anxiety. Does anyone else get like serious panic attacks thinking about - What the hell do i do if my humongous couch arrives and I hate it? Or what if I am sick of looking at the bed we bought like 2 weeks after i get it? What do i do when i can't find ANY bedding i like? This is all frivolous in theory - but in reality it is giving me what i like to call armpit attacks. Yep i said it. When i get nervous I feel like needles are pricking into my underarms. Weird huh? It actually hurts. Decorating has now become painful. WTF?

So i know that none of this is important at sympathy is needed (or earned I am sure) but i didn't want to be all fakey and act like "wooo life is great! I am moving in to my new house. "I am more like "life is great...I am moving into my new house...and I feel like needles live in my arm pits." Sweet.


Katie said...

Reason 6,789 that we all love Katie O'Brien!!! HA.

I do know exactly what you mean about the anxiety - moving and decorating can consume you! :) When I bought my condo, all I ever dreamed of was how to decorate it and arrange the furniture. Non-Stop!

Good luck! Call if you need assistance.

Christi Ferguson said...

Ok, so I'm freaking out just a little because I get the armpit tingles too! Like... BAD! And everytime I ask someone if they know the feeling, they make me feel like I've completely lost my mind! So glad I'm not alone in that! :)

Katie OB said...

What a glamorous thing we have in common!! ha ha. Everyone thinks i am absolutely nuts when i try to explain that :)