Monday, June 8, 2009

Our Casa!!!!

I posted this picture a while back...but now that this is officially "our house" it is even more exciting to see. After 3,000 trips down apartment stairs....into a uhaul.....up the driveway....up the stairs at the new house.... back down those same stairs...back into the car and back to the apartment for another load, I think we can officially say that we live here! The day of moving almost killed us (and thank you Dougiee for being such a fabulous friend and helping out - you are the best)!! I am super tired and more sore than I was when I ran the half marathon - but somehow my cute house is keeping me going.....

And now for a short tour:

Keep in mind that these pictures were taken before we moved in. I just stole them off of the real estate listing so the furniture and accessories aren't ours. I'll post updated pictures when i have it looking all "katie and pat-ish".

This room (above) is right off of the kitchen downstairs. Oddly, I would NEVER have picked out this paint color but I absolutely love it in person. The room has lots of good lighting and it is a really good size - not too big, not too small. The best part is the fireplace...I can't wait to finally have a fireplace for the winter - it will be life changing.

This is the kitchen where I am going to turn into a food network chef in my spare time. I have really really gotten out of the habit of cooking dinner lately and I need to start again. It is funny how I sort of start sucking at cooking when I haven't done it in a whilebut that can be fixed. P.S> -Let me tell you, It was really challenging to figure out which cabinet and which drawer should house all of our stuff. I wanted to obviously arrange it in the most logical way for cooking and unloading the dishwasher but wow - that is easier said than done.

And this is Pats favorite room in the whole house. He has big plans of locking me out and throwing huge poker parties/game watches in his man cave. I have huge plans for watching planet earth on this big screen. I am such a nerd but that whole series is seriously amazing to me.

And one day we will have some little kids that can play in this backyard :)...for now it will just be me - doing cartwheels when the new neighbors aren't watching.

And speaking of neighbors...we have had like 6 couples stop by with lots of coffee cake and banana bread. Most of them are a little bit older, but it is so nice to be surrounded by such great people. It is a total happy neighborhood. We even had an ice cream truck drive by last night.

I really can't even believe that we live has been such a long process with so many moves in between, but i can just tell that we are going to be here for a while. I am feeling very thankful and very grown up right now :)


Cristina said...

It is beautiful!!! Wow, what a wonderful place to live. Congratulations!

Katie said...

I'm officially jealous!!! Can't wait to see your decorating skills :) Congrats, Katie and Pat.

Ashley said...

And the part about putting things away in the kitchen, and where to put things- I could have wrote that myself!!! I unpacked the Kitchen first, and I have moved stuff a few times since, trying to get it right!