Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer stress

I am wondering if this picture says "i don't want to go to work today" as much as I was thinking it while driving here.

I have so many fun things (and not so fun things) that i want to be doing that simply can't be done due to my work schedule. To make matters worse, when I do finally get home each day I am almost always greeted by the high school girls that live in my neighborhood walking back from the pool around 5:00 each day - None of them are wearing anything other than bathing suits and all of them have the best tans ever. Freaking biotches.

I want to get tan and I want to make my own schedule- filled only with things that I find interesting and necessary. For instance, If i was not working today - I would actually be super productive. I need to buy travel toiletries for Pat's trip to Africa. I want to have time to visit with my sister if she visited.I need to finish the laundry. I need to clean bathrooms and worst of all - We have a painter at the house and neither one of us are there. Because I was busy with work I rushed picking our paint colors for the foyer, dining room, and our bedroom....and now i am super worried that the neutral foyer is going to be way too dark - I am sitting at my desk with baited breath wondering if my once light and bright house will now feel like a dungeon when I return home tonight.... It is a mystery - all because i was not there to supervise while I was stuck at work.

Maybe, I should stop complaining, make friends with the tan high school girls during my lunch break...and ask them to if they could go could go peek in my house and report back. Pretty sure they know when a neutral tan is too dark :)

Problem solved.... I just need to make them like me quickly so that i have time to stop at target to get the other things i need before 1:00.

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Erin and James said...

i hate those girls. i wish i could just lay out and get golden too! working sucks