Monday, January 26, 2009

We Did It!!!

It took a year of searching, but Pat and I finally bought a house in Ohio!!

I almost can't believe it - We have honestly spent the last 12 months driving through neighborhood after neighborhood, searching online probably everyday for new listings , and praying that some gorgeous dream home would appear....but it didn't happen until about a month ago.

After one particularly bad house-hunting outing I told Pat how annoying I thought it was that it seemed like every time you drive into a beautiful neighborhood - the only house for sale would be the ugly duckling/red headed stepchild/ dump of the neighborhood. I told him I was totally over it and did not want to look anymore (yes I am ridiculous I know). So anyways a few weekends passed and Pat finds this one house that wasn't like any other we had seen. It was stucco and reminded me of any house you might find in Florida or California (which is rare for Ohio) :) anyways we were all excited, so we scheduled a walk through with a realtor and told Pat's parents about it. They have been really helpful with the whole house hunt so on a day off they drove to the neighborhood to check out the house....well apparently they were looking at other houses for sale in that same nieghborhood and this one random guy stopped them on the street and said "hey are you guys looking for a house?" they almost didn't stop, but decided to answer him and tell him that no they weren't looking but their son and daughter-in-law are sooooooo........ The guy gave them his card and said -"well my house isn't on the market yet but it will be in the spring, if they want to come by give them my number" they did.

OMG - my theory was totally correct! The houses for sale (including the stucco one we scheduled the walk through for) were FUG! The ONE house that WASN'T listed was my dream house!!!! When we went to look at it the guy greeted us at the door and offered us a beer (weird but funny) we walked through and despite the floral wallpaper that runs floor to cieling in every room....we loved it. It even has a double staircase - TDF.

So anywho, we played it cool for a few weeks and finally decided to put an offer on it. We did and they accepted yesterday. I don't have pictures yet but they will be coming soon.

We haven't closed yet - so this excitement may be a little premature, but in the mean time I am peeing my pants to have a new decorating project! When we bought our house in Florida, I wasn't in town to do the furniture shopping so this will be my first official floor to cieling makeover.

Anyways, thats the news -My blog just got sooooo much cooler because now I can post fun house stuff too!

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Cristina said...

CONGRATS! That is so exciting! Can't wait to see pictures - the double staircase sounds amazing!