Friday, January 23, 2009

Mary Lists

When i am bored at work I play this super fun game with my friend Mary - We make up lists and send them back and forth to each other. Here are a few of my lists from today...

Top 10 Baby names if you were having a baby
Camryn (girl)

If you could only buy 5 things at the grocery store for the rest of your life what would they be?
Nail polish so that I have something to do with my time
chicken nuggets- for when I get sick of champagne and strawberries
Bottled water

10 interesting things about me….
Since I moved to Ohio I go to church most Sundays
I spray Windex on my food when I want to make myself stop eating (usually when I am coming way too close to finishing a bag of chips)
I grew an inch taller in college – talk about late blooming!!!
My husband is really the only official boyfriend I have ever had
I taught math to homeless adults and their children while I was in college
I make wishes at 11:11 every time I see it on a clock.
I almost drowned last year while white water rafting with my family. I got thrown out of the boat, got stuck under the boat, hit my head on a rock, and had to get 7 staples to close the wound.
I am verrrry dramatic and more emotional than I would like to admit
I sing and talk to myself in my car.
I used to dress up as Axel Rose when I was little. No clue why, apparently I wanted to “be him?”


Kris Lawrence said...

um you are my soulmate... my beauf and i are taking the train to SD in a few weeks for an adventure and I just made some crazy lists and questionaires for us to entertain ourselves on the 2 hour ride!

Katie said...

I like Brooklyn...
I had a dream -it was like a loop playing over and over in my mind - about what I was going to name my first born son. And it was the worst feeling not being able to decide. Or to think of anything good?! haha. Good work preparing the list. I love that game, too! haha. Hi to Mary from me!!