Saturday, January 10, 2009

i need a new hobby...

It is snowing like crazy today and I am not sure what I am going to do with my time. Last night was the first time in the whole year that we have lived here that i realized that my car cannot hang in the big time snow. I was in a slightly sloped parking lot and my car could only go in reverse downhill. I was totally stuck, and becasue the weather is way worse today I think I am pretty much homebound. With many many hours of downtime inside ahead of me - i realized that i need a new hobby. I used to spend more hours than i should admit looking in wedding magazines, picking out flower arrangements, and all kinds of other good stuff. Thinking about it today made me miss all of the d.i.y-projects that wedding planning brought into my life:) Since I didn't have a nerdy blog back in those glory days of wedding planning I thought I would revisit a few highlights this morning:
the #1 highlight - my new hubby :) ( ha ha so cheesy)

The invitations were sort of my pet project. I used a really cute design studio in Jacksonville ( to create them and i was really happy with how they turned out.

The save-the-dates are the little rectangular pockets with our picture, and we did longer pockets for the weddding ceremony program. I kept them neutral becasue i wasn't sure what the rest of the stuff was going looklike at the point when I was sending save-the-dates

Here's a weird looking face on me - but i liked this picture of my dress. I was slighlty obsessed with it when i first found it.

I loved this picture of my bouquet. It was seriously like 30 pounds orchids, poppies, roses, tulips, and calla lillies.

our delicious cake!!! Funny little fact about this cake - we ordered it from a grocery store. It was the one thing that neither one o us really cared that much about but we knew we wanted chocolate. The florist dressed it up with fresh flowers and Pat's mom bought a gorgeous silver cake stand. Everyone told us that it was the best wedding cake they ever had - it looked like a million bucks, and only cost us $300!

Our favors were these boxes of Godiva Chocolates. The little silver charms on the ribbon had our new monogram imprinted on them.

For the placecards - we layered capiz and cocquina shells. This was cool because my mom and dad had cocquina shells on their placecards 30 years before. A few weeks before the wedding my mom and i spent hours combing the beach looking for 200+ cocquinas that were still connected.

Here is one of the smaller table arrangements. We had the wedding at Sawgrass Country Club in Florida - the beach club (where we were) was right on the ocean so i thought it would be cool to use water arrangements inside on the tables. Most of them had floating or submerged orchids, calla lillies, and proteas....wish i had a pic of one of the big cool ones. Stupid photographer!!!

And this one is sort of out of order, but i loved the bouquets so much that i had to throw it in.

Annnnnd that is it... a few highlights from my the wedding. 2 years later and it still kept me busy for a few hours. ha ha - pretty sure I need to get over it and find something new :)

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Erin and James said...

you need to start scrapbooking all your pics. that will keep you waaay busy! I love the bouquets and the picture of your mom helping you with your dress, I wish I had one of those, but mine was like 4 women trying to get it over my head without messing up my hair and pulling it over my body cause it was really tight, not a pretty site. But seriously, make a wedding scrapbook with all your free time! your wedding looked gorgeous and i want your cake!