Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Feeling Philosophical...

This mug + This Tea = Happy Katie :)

I am loving my little inspirational mug this morning. It is filled with Island Mango & Peach flavored White Tea and it is making me very happy. Ever since I filled my mug I swear, good things have started to happen.... the meeting (scheduled for tomorrow) that I was dreading (which required a 6 hour roundtrip drive) got rescheduled to monday - Yay!....the media rep that has been dragging her feet for a week has finally sent me the rates I requested - Yay!...I got invited to a fun girls night - boobs got bigger....and I got a raise!!!
The combo below is going to be my inspiration for the afternoon :)

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Cristina said...

Katie! This is Cristina Edwards...I found your blog through Erin Preece's. It is so fun to read :)

Congrats on your raise!