Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Love Always, Katie"

Something magical happened this weekend!
  1. I earned a standing ovation from a large crowd of people
  2. A woman I didn't even know put her hands on my face (weird) and told me that i was priceless (awesome)!!!

Why did this happen you ask? ....well I am a newly discovered karaoke master. Seriously, I have fans now - and I love it!!

I chose an old favorite - Mandy Moore "Candy" and apparently that was a good decision. I barely even needed the prompter and I even threw in a few dance moves. The best part came at the part of the song where Mandy just breaks it down and reads a love letter rather than singing it. I obvi did the same but switched it up a bit to say..."blah blah blah - your love is as sweet as candy blah blah blah- Love always Katie"

I'm not going to lie, I used to be waaaaay too shy to participate, but then i did it once... and I realized how happy/uncomfortable it made Pat to know that I would go in front of a crowd of people, dedicate a song to him, and embarrass now I just love it! I also think people appreciate the little break away from the people who take karaoke soooo seriously.

It is really too bad that i don't have pictures to post of my own performance and also of the girl before me. That girl spent a good 2 minutes trying so hard to look "really sexy" by chugging a beer on stage and singing some weirdo gothic creeper song.... Me on the other hand -my pictures would probably only illustrate me never looking "cooler"....riiiight :)
But anyways - here is the almost as awesome Mandy Moore version, that is so creepy. She (like the girl before me) is also trying very hard to look way sexy...and she is maybe 12 yrs old.


Erin and James said...

i remember that song. good pick. when have you ever been to shy? I can't really see that!

Katie K. said...

I think you kind of look like Mandy.... :)