Friday, January 9, 2009

People love animal stories right?

Well here he is. This is my brother's dog "Newps Righteous. " I think one of Marty's friends took this picture while the dog is sneezing - i just thought it was funny, and i have nothing better to post today so here it is. But seriously, this is sort of the coolest dog ever. He used to totally freak me out becasue he looks like a total junkyard dog - but i love him now. Here is why:
  • Newps was a pound puppy
  • He has one "clear blueish" eye and one dark eye - scary but typical of huskies (he is part huskey)
  • My brother loves him like a brother
  • Despite the tough exterior he is so sweet. Every time he comes up to you when you are sitting down he puts his little chin on your knee and just stares. SO cute!
  • He is seriously like a Houdini. He will break out of any backyard...come to the front door of the house...and literally knock on the front door until you let him in. NO joke. This has happened at least 30 times.
  • On a flight from Florida to Colorado Newps broke out of his cage (which was latched and cable tied) so that he could roam around the bottom of the airplane while it was in the air. No one has any clue how he did this but we do know now that Newps is claustrophobic.
  • This one time, we left him in the house (at my parents) with all of the doors closed when we went out for a boat ride.When we got back he was inexplicably waiting at the end of the canal for us - we could see that all of the doors to the house were still closed. Anyways...then he made his way through the neighborhood and ran onto my parents dock so that he could greet us when we were done. Turns out he didn't want to be away from Marty so he broke through a screen on the 2nd floor of the house and jumped all the way to the ground!!! 2 stories down and he was totally fine! WOW.
  • He got hit by a minivan this year. The driver ran over him completely and hit him so hard that his collar broke off of his neck. Somehow Newps escaped the whole thing with a doggy- black eye (according to Marty) and he was just a little woozy for a few days. The stupid driver didn't even stop, but somehow I think Newps will get him back one of these days :)

Newps is awesome. The end.

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