Thursday, January 15, 2009

Office Excercise Advice...compliments of facebook :)

Soooo like a month ago I posted a status update on facebook that got an overwhelming response - all of the comments and suggestions were seriously hilarious. I was thinking about it today (while i was doing one of the workouts in my office chair and thought that i should totally post this for everyone else to see too!

Okay here was my status ( I never thought anyone would write back):

"Katie is trying to figure out how she can work out from her desk at work...any suggestions?"

  • Chris Raub: at 10:11am December 11
    Run in place in your chair?
  • Evan and Heidi Chandler: at 10:15am December 11
    Do Straight leg lifts sitting in your chair...should get your core and legs...hehe...
  • Annette Bravo:at 12:37pm December 11
    Or you could try this
  • Katie O'Brien: at 12:58pm December 11
    okay the "Hawaii chair" is #1 on my christmas list!!!!
  • Stacy Greene Francis: at 5:08pm December 11
    squeeeeze your butt cheeks. there is a little machine at sharper image( before they went bankrupt) that was a stationary bike but just the pedals you put under your desk and ride all day.... google it!
  • Stacy Greene Francis: at 5:09pm December 11
    OR, you can do what i do at work.... which is pop peanut m&m's in my mouth and chew... GREAT for the jaw.... really defines the jaw line.
  • Edward Chang: at 7:18pm December 11
    Do reverse-crunches in your chair. Sit in a correct posture, lift your knees vertically towards your chest. Reps: 25x4......say bye bye to lower ab pooch!
  • Marty O'Connor: at 1:05pm December 18-type jibberish uncontrollably fast. forearms-knees up to your chest, spin left to right, right to left, triceps and abs-randomly jump as high as you can out of your chair (make a dolphin sound for best result) legs and vocal chords-drop your jaw and move vigorously left to right- no more gobbler
  • Eron Umberg: at 7:26pm December 20
    um, i'm laughing outloud picturing marty propelling himself up out of a desk chair while making dolphin noises.and to add to your list of exercises....KEGELS,'s all about the kegel flex! (not only does it strengthen pelvic muscles, it greatly reduces urinary incontinence....SUPER BONUS!! ) =)
  • Marty O'Connor: at 9:30pm December 20
    ...maybe suspend yourself with bungee chords and engage in full raange of motion "spilts-like" strides as seen with Tony on the Gazelle.

Who knew you could be so productive and active at work!?!?!?!?!?

P.S. - you totally have to click on the Hawaii Chair link..I cannot believe this thing is real - but i totally want one!

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