Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday Shlumpadinka

Though this word isn't in Webster's Dictionary—yet—Oprah says she knows a shlumpadinka when she sees one. "I made this word up a long time ago," she says. "It represents, for me, a woman who dresses like she has completely given up…and it shows."
I left my house this morning wearing pants that I know are too short for the boots I chose to wear and i would like to think that it isn't bothering me...but it is. We are getting more snow this morning and the temperature may get into the single digits so I felt like I had no choice. Days like this are (at least in my mind) forcing me to give up on any kind of cuteness/comfort and resign myself to being a winter shlumpadinka, short pants and all. Yes I will be warm(er), and when I walk outside my feet wont get wet, but shouldn't I have a cuter pair of boots and a longer pair of pants picked out so that i don't have to exchange warmth for looking like a hillbilly?....Yes i should - and i have no good excuse for this! I don't want to be a shlumpadinka and I am going to do something about it.Other people have managed to figure out the "cool winter happy person persona" ...and it is time that I do too!

In earlier years, I sort of liked to think of myself as a low maintenece diva - maybe even a little bit cool. I have sort of morphed into just low maintenece - kinda nerdy, and the divaness has totally been put on hold....Maybe getting older,working, and the cold are partially to blame for that sad transformation but I am committed to change!

A few things that I am thinking I will do to up the ante on Divadom are as follows:
  1. Get rid of any and all clothes and shoes that I don't wear or that I bought prior to the age of 21. This will keep me from making bad decisions on blah days like today.
  2. Shop a little bit more. I am actually one of the few people I know that really doesn't like to shop. It usually serves as a painful reminder of how darn tall I am and how not "normal" my size is - but i need to move past that and find some new stuff.
  3. Plan really good dinners. For some reason, it does make me feel really good about myself when I make a fabulous dinner after a long day at work. It makes me feel more like "me" - I never wanted to be a big time career lady - I have always wanted be Suzy homemaker, so when I can do both I feel really important :)
  4. To feel "cooler" i need to stop doing dumb stuff. Like falling off of curbs in front of large groups of people - yeah that will be another post once i get the pictures loaded (yes there are pictures).
  5. I should plan a party. I have used our small-ish apartment as an excuse for a long time, but I realized the other day that it really isn't "that" small and i don't think that anyone else can really offer that much more seating...so I need to play hostess and return the favor to all the other people who have so kindly hosted us in their homes. Maybe I will volunteer for the Super Bowl?
  6. Stop talking about the weather. I am the only person who is surprised when it snows every single day. People from Ohio don't get my fascination with the crappiness of the weather and quite frankly, I have started to realize that they are bored with it.
  7. Go tanning. No it isn't good for my skin, but a lot of people (even 1 doctor) have told me that there are Vitamin D rays emitted that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
  8. DO something charitable....
  9. Take up tennis! It is good excersise, I have a good place to play nearby, and saying " i play tennis" sound skind diva-y don't you think?
  10. Write all of the thank you notes I have been meaning to write for Christmas. It will be one less thing hanging over my head and that always seems to be a good thing.
  11. and Last but not least - stop complaining on this blog. I need at least 5 more happy posts before I can rant like this again.


Katie K. said...

You are the hilarious. I agree with all of your to-do's. Accept go shopping more (obvi). I got the tanning package... Now I just need to go more! Go to Gabs, they have (had) really cute football trays for food for $1.00. Back by the dressing rooms. Party planning is ALWAYS a good pick me up! Oh, and, you are not frumpy. Although, that's a hilarious word.

Anna Kathryn said...

omg, katie-o!?
no more fabulousity?!
that CANNOT happen!
kimora & i won't have it!
i love your ideas.
i know a few shlumpadinkas (myself included at times) that need to know of Ms. O's new word. i'll spread the word. you should try using the term "fabulousity!" it makes me feel fabulous just even saying it.
love kimora.
love you. you can do it!
love, me